I’ve devoted decades to the Yang path of healing. My health crisis forced me onto the Yin path and I’m so grateful for the deep dive into a different view. Balance is needed.


YANG PATH: I do A + B to create C.

YIN PATH: I set the conditions for healing, and am present with what emerges.


My experience of trauma recovery:

YANG: Sometimes A + B doesn’t create C. This can really stir up the inner critic and set the stage for feeling like we failed. Then resistance builds to even doing A + B, and resistance is antithetical to healing.

YIN: ACCEPT where you are. Never make yourself wrong for it. Everything that exists in you has a reason, therefore a right, to be there. Instead of getting hung up on good vs bad, realize that it’s all simply energy, and energy can be transformed. INVITE in the qualities you desire to cultivate. NOTICE all the ways you already embody those qualities, even in the most subtle ways. ALLOW your innate healing intelligence to awaken, without the mind needing to make sense of it all.

Sometimes we get tunnel vision, seeing only the work ahead of us. We get tripped up on this idealized version of who we could be and focus on the ways we aren’t yet there. But we aren’t not broken, in need of fixing.

Healing is a return to our natural state. Nature is never in a hurry. Pause and celebrate the version of you here today. The fact that you’re breathing means you’re alive, even with all you’ve been through. Honoring that is saying yes to life. That yes invites Divine Grace. Sending you Love & Aloha. Xo Lulu

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