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Coaching For Veterans & First Responders

Become A Certified Coach For Veterans

We developed our Eternal Mission coaching program specifically to support retired military veterans and first responders through their transformational recovery and reintegration process following their service. We have trained a number of amazing coaches and veterans from all branches and tiers of service to work with our veteran clients. More retired military and first responders are seeking alternative forms of support, such as psychedelic therapies, and Eternal Mission helps prepare veterans for transformational experiences and the process of integration that follows.

The Eternal Mission is both a coaching program and a coach training program for coaches who want to work with retired military veterans and first responders through their transformational recovery and reintegration process following their service. 

Our first edition of our Eternal Mission Coach Training and Certification program is set to launch in 2024. In the meantime, those interested in coaching veterans and first responders can go through our Transformational Coach Training and Certification program and apply to join our team as a coach, instructor, trainer, or mentor.

Our Mission To Support Veterans

Our mission is to train the nation’s most genuine, effective, and upstanding team of integration and entrepreneurial coaches to support Veterans, Retired Military, Special Operations Forces, and First Responders. Through Eternal Mission, we aim to help those in need transform their pain and suffering into hope and purpose in order to continue their mission in this life, which for many, is to persist in serving and protecting individuals, families, and communities one way or another. 

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