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Graduates of our Transformational & Psychedelic Integration Training are welcome to explore our Blue Lotus Alumni Membership,  a continuation of our training after certification. Choose from our two membership offerings to refine and expand your skills while building community, connection, and collaboration.

*Certified Being True To You Coaches only

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Blue Lotus Premium

Everything you need to build a thriving coaching practice

Get all the benefits of being a Blue Lotus member, plus get an account with our partners at Homecoming, an all-in-one client management platform that gives you the structure and space to deliver your best work.

$32/mo for 3 months

Then $56/mo or $561/year

Manage your Clients

  • Client dashboard
  • Session notes & follow-ups
  • Resource library with Blue Lotus content

Streamline your Business

  • Calendar integration
  • Forms & assessments

Grow in Community

  • Hosted Blue Lotus community
  • Network with Homecoming coaches

…on top of all the perks of being a Blue Lotus member

  • Ongoing training
  • Community
  • Securing clients

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Blue Lotus

With the Blue Lotus Standard membership, join our large, diverse, and exceptional community of Transformational Coaches. Continue your learning and remain the best in the industry.

$32/mo or $333/year

Ongoing Training

  • Practice coaching
  • Mentoring & guidance
  • Specialized training
  • Added credentials


  • Access to Blue Lotus community
  • Professional support groups
  • Accountability

Securing Clients

  • Job placement opportunities
  • Networking connections
  • Built-in audience


Integrate with integrity and continue to hone your coaching skills in a safe environment with an amazing community of experienced practitioners! Our weekly workshops, support groups, and specialized training provide you with the perfect balance of accountability and professional growth. Please join us to stay engaged with our network of trailblazing coaches!  

Snapshot of Blue Lotus Workshop Offerings


Coach/Instructor Demo Workshop

Mondays at 1pm-2:30pm PDT

Hello Coaches! This workshop series is hosted by Elaine Whitt, and she’ll be joined by other Coaches and Instructors and they aim to display their talents and approach as they hold demonstration coaching sessions.

There’s so much value in watching another’s coaching style and with experience and knowledge comes wisdom. And if you’re looking to tackle a topic and be coached, we invite you to use this opportunity to do some work!


All Things Holistic Health

with Susyn Renee – (Bi-Monthly) Wednesday at 3:00-4:00 PM PDT

Description: Join us for a transformative journey into the realm of holistic health with our bi-monthly workshop series, “All Things Holistic Health.”

Led by Susyn Renee, this series is designed to empower coaches with comprehensive knowledge and practical insights into holistic wellness practices.

All Things Entheogens

Wednesdays 4-5pm PT 
(runs indefinitely)

This class is dedicated to discussions regarding preparing for and making sense of an entheogenic or peak experience and integrating these transformational experiences into your life. Additionally, John will tie in the current research and status of entheogens and important things to know regarding this work. Our disclaimer: This group coaching class does not promote, recommend, approve or disapprove, help procure, facilitate, or require the use of entheogenic medicines. This class and the views expressed by the host, co-host, or any participating coaches, and the comments made by other members are not necessarily a reflection of the views of Being True To You. It is a policy of Being True To You that members adhere to legal and ethical protocols surrounding this work.


Peer Mentoring

Thursdays 11-12:15pm PT
(runs indefinitely)

The Peer Mentoring group provides a place to explore all the unique obstacles to peace, transformation, and growth our clients encounter. Sharing experiences and all of our unique insights helps to tap collective resources we can pass on, not only to our clients but to everyone in our field of influence.

Soul Centered Selling

Thursday at 4:30 – 6:00pm PDT

Hi, I’m Ahren Lynch-Potter and I’ve been in sales for 10 years and have sold everything from protein powder to cars and everything in between.

I’ve sold things to people which I knew was not in alignment for them and in fact in most cases, not good for them at all. After 10 years of experience and learning from my mistakes, I want to teach people sell from a place of integrity, a soul-centered place.

Previous Offerings

Coach Skills Training

Tuesdays 12:30-2 PT
(runs indefinitely)

This workshop will start with coaching basics and move towards advanced coaching techniques. Our goal is to help you hone your skills through demonstrations, feedback, and practice, and provide you with an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone through experiential learning. Nothing can replace the benefits of practicing your skillset.

We also welcome experienced practitioners who can help us grow the community by observing, participating, and mentoring those just starting their coaching journeys. This is a judgment-free zone.

Navigating Spiritual Awakening

This time will be used to explore how to support clients in their own decision to embark on an Ibogaine/Iboga journey. Our disclaimer: This class does not promote, recommend, approve or disapprove, help procure, facilitate, or require the use of entheogenic medicines.

Integration Through the Lens of Permaculture

Permaculture Principles can be applied to so much more than stewarding land, these principles can be applied to all aspects within the systems of our life and can even allow us to weave in the Sacred into the Mundane.

In this 12 week class we will walk the Path of Integration through the lens of 12 Permaculture Principles, across six “zones”/spheres of influence.

Conscious Creation Skills Development Course
Wednesdays 11-12:15 PT

Accelerate Your Purpose Through Key Conscious Creation Deliverables, Strategies, and Tactics.

We are all truly unique beings with a self-organizing purpose. But we don’t necessarily come into this world with an instruction manual that is uniquely suited to understanding the depths of who we are, what is ours to do, and the keys to unlock the courage to follow through with our highest Self. In this Conscious Creation Skills Development Course, we will explore key conscious creation strategies and deliverables to uncover and clarify your purpose, share key frameworks to help accelerate the implementation of who you need to become to inhabit your wildest dreams, and key systems to continue to unlock the courage to follow through.

The first week will be an overview of key conscious creation drivers and sharing a survey of key frameworks from the course. Every subsequent session will be more practical in nature for you to build and apply conscious creation skills to your unique path. Of course, just like anything else, you will get the most out of the course if you attend every session; however, each session is meant to stand on its own and so drop-ins are welcome! Even if you just come to one that piques your interest, I’m confident you will get a lot of value from contemplating the unique conscious creation skill. 

Below is an overview of each session and what we will cover so you can mark your calendars accordingly to drop-in to the sessions that you would benefit from the most:

1. Week 1 – Key Principles and Frameworks for Conscious Creation that Will Accelerate a Deeper Understanding. This will be an overview of important frameworks from the course. Each subsequent week will be a more practical approach to apply these frameworks to your unique situation.

2. Week 2 – Alignment of Self, Strategy, and Systems – Creating Your Vision

3. Week 3 – Clarity of Our Key Conscious Creation Drivers – Desire, Discernment and Intentionality

4. Week 4 – Conscious Rest and Relaxed Breathing – A Key Activity for Creating a Sustainable Environment for Creativity, Play and Discernment

5. Week 5 – The Great Dance of Duality – Transforming Our Shadows and Limiting Beliefs

6. Week 6 – Purpose Over Productivity – 3 Practical Principles to Sustain and Accelerate Your Purpose

7. Week 7 – Habit Mastery Skills and Key Growth Mechanisms

Men's Health Arc's of Initiation

Open to both men and women!! The stories described by a person’s life throughout their human experience tend to manifest as existential arcs with definite beginning, middle, and ending scenes of a particular narrative.

Oftentimes these narratives recount overarching archetypal themes, which manifest on the collective level, and cascade down fractally into communities, families, and individuals. The hero’s journey is an example of a major theme which plays a guiding role at different levels of experience.

Gaining familiarity with these themes helps a person to navigate ordeals informed by a sort of traditional mythic intelligence which helps them to delineate their own path to virtue.

Sacred Deathcare: How to Meet Death Well

Discover the transformative power of sacred death care in our 8-class workshop series. We invite you on a profound journey to explore the sacredness of life’s final chapter, where we delve into topics such as understanding grief and love, caring for a loved one at the end of life, and meeting death well.

Dimensions of Forgiveness

In the Dimensions of Forgiveness Workshop, we take 6 weeks to explore the many aspects of forgiveness; what it is, what it is not, and the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of forgiving ourselves and others.

This workshop is structured as an experiential forum to learn from each other and deepen our understanding of our capacity for forgiveness. 

Coaching Fundamentals

Whether you are new to coaching or want to brush up on your skills, come join Coaching Fundamentals!

In this 6-week course, we will get to work in partners and small groups to practice foundational coaching skills, such as building trust and rapport, compassionate listening, “parts work”, somatic exploration through the body, and how to go deeper with clients.

This workshop series will help you break coaching bad habits, such as fixing, over-relating, and complimenting, so that you can deepen your sessions authentically with clients.

Understanding 5MeO-DMT

We’ll delve into the science behind 5-MeO-DMT, its chemical composition, and how it interacts with the human brain.

Historical and Cultural Context; Effects and Experiences; Safety and Responsible Use; Integration.

Feel More Empowered

With a constant influx of diverse coach alumni – from Counselors, Medical Doctors, PhD’s, Psychedelic Therapists, and Nutritionists, to Combat Veterans, Firefighters, Retired Law Enforcement Officers, Professional Athletes, and Spiritual Leaders–we know what we offer in our Transformational Coach Training and Certification program cannot be found anywhere else. Our Blue Lotus Membership is an ongoing expansion of our training through continuous learning to ensure our large, diverse, and exceptional community of Transformational Coaches remain the best in the industry.

Start your Premium or Standard Blue Lotus Membership today. You can also call us at (833) 379-0070 to sign up or to learn more about how our Blue Lotus Membership can support you in your coaching aspirations and endeavors.