Addiction Recovery Coaching


Being True To You Coaches Help You Transform Crisis Into Opportunity.

Being True To You’s transformational approach addresses addiction recovery and related issues including sadness, worrying, unresolved trauma, suicidal ideation, sleeplessness and other challenging life issues with our unique coaching program.


Recovery Begins When You Are True To Yourself

An addiction recovery coach can help you learn to look within yourself for solutions rather than outside yourself. Your coach will guide you through a process of self-awareness and cultivation,  allowing you to shed the layers and masks accumulated in addiction, and your true self can bloom once again. The growth you are looking for is already in you, we help you maximize it.

Through Our Transformational Holistic Addiction Recovery Methodology You Can:

  • Cultivate self-awareness
  • Identify your addiction’s points of origin
  • Analyze and address triggers
  • Learn and practice self-regulation
  • Work through core issues
  • Refine your character
  • Repair your relationships
  • Integrate past experiences
  • Transition out of unhealthy patterns
  • Explore new hobbies and interests
  • Balance your mind, body, and spirit
  • Naturally mature out of addiction
  • Unveil your true self
  • Achieve long-term recovery

Being True To You guided me to a better place in my life and understanding of my feelings after my husband passed and my son went to prison for drugs.

Katherine McNeill

Heal the Unresolved Issues That Cause Addiction

The underlying cause of your addiction has very little to do with the substance or behavior itself–your addiction is only a symptom of deeper, unresolved issues or traumas. Our experienced coaches will guide you through a unique transformational process that facilitates profound personal growth. Because this organic process gets to the root of the trauma, it builds a solid foundation for lasting impact.

This is one of the most profound and in-depth programs out there when it comes to addiction recovery and psychedelic integration.

Jacquel Cardona

Naturally Mature Out of Addiction

When wholly utilized, our effective Addiction Recovery program nourishes the conditions for natural maturation out of addiction to occur. Our experienced coaches will guide you through a unique transformational process that facilitates profound personal growth and provides the tools and skills you need for long-term recovery. 

Call or text us at  833-379-0070 or click on the button below to begin your coaching journey for addiction recovery, psychedelic integration or the human experience.

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At Being True To You, we pride ourselves on the level of intentionality we bring to coach matching. We have a growing network of specialized coaches around the globe and will work with you to find the perfect coach to support your healing journey. Once you buy a coaching plan you will be directed to an intake form to begin the matching process.


Being True To You (BTTY) is an online transformational and integration coaching program, coach training and certification, and aftercare integration services for wellness clinics. BTTY coaching supports individuals through tough times, transitional moments, and transformational experiences. While clients may struggle with addiction, depression, and other psychological conditions, BTTY coaches are not counselors or mental health professionals, do not professionally assess, diagnose, or treat such conditions, and do not try to influence a client’s decisions around their medical symptoms. BTTY does not replace or stand in the way of clients getting professional medical help. BTTY does not approve or disapprove, suggest, advocate, or make referrals or connections to any psychedelic substances, sources, or providers. BTTY Is a standalone company not affiliated with any other organization. BTTY is governed by regional and federal laws and adheres to morals, ethics, and industry standards.