Companion Training

Support Your Loved One Through Psychedelic Therapy

Our Companion’s Training and Certification Program is for supporters and family members who will be onsite or directly helping a loved one going through psychedelic therapy sessions for personal healing and growth. Our training includes a comprehensive training workbook and a group course to teach you everything you need to know to support your loved one through psychedelic therapy and ensure they get the most out of these valuable experiences.

Through Our Companion’s Training and Certification Program, You Can:

  • Become better informed about why people are using psychedelic therapies
  • Learn how to use psychedelic therapies in the right container
  • Explore ways to maximize the results of psychedelic experiences
  • Understand how to ‘hold space’ for your loved one during their experience
  • Gain tools, skills, knowledge, and techniques to best support your loved one in reaching their goals through psychedelic therapy
  • Study the importance of preparation and integration bookending psychedelic experiences
  • Examine the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ of supporting someone through psychedelic therapy
  • Ensure your presence is supportive and not taking away from their experience

Help Keep Your Loved One Safe and Present

Our Companion’s Training and Certification program is rooted in compassion and empathy. We understand that the journey work of a loved one can be both challenging and transformative, and we aim to provide family members and supporters with the necessary tools to offer support in a compassionate and understanding way. Gain relief and release any stress or responsibility you feel over your loved one’s decision to engage in psychedelic therapy. You will learn how to keep the responsibility on them, and at the same time, help keep them safe and present for their therapeutic experience. Your loved one will be grateful for your commitment and participation in their process, which will in turn help to strengthen and deepen your relationship with them.

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