Hospitality and Sitters Training for Clinics and Staff

Hospitality and sitters training for clinics and staff

Level Up Your Staff and Unleash the Full Potential of Your Services!

The best way to take your psychedelic therapy program or retreat to the next level is to help your staff get to the next level. In addition to training and certifying coaches, Being True To You also trains and certifies staff members working in retreat and hospitality settings centered around psychedelic therapies through our Staff Training and Certification program.

Our Staff Training and Certification Program Allows Your Staff to

  • Create and maintain a therapeutic environment
  • Establish and hold a safe container for clients 
  • Support clients through emotional moments
  • ‘Sit’ for psychedelic experiences
  • Handle challenging situations compassionately and productively
  • Incorporate various tools and resources onsite to deepen the transformational process
  • Learn the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts, laws and ethics, and protocols of working with the team, clients, and other third parties interacting with the program or any of its members

Ensure Your Staff Receive Comprehensive Training

We offer various levels and tiers of instruction to ensure your staff receives comprehensive training catered to your company’s needs and services to set your company up for success in the emerging industry of psychedelics. Our Staff Training and Certification program consists of five main parts and 173 total modules and covers every aspect of running a therapeutic program or psychedelic therapy retreat, aside from medical aspects. We do not train staff on anything medical. Every Staff Training and Certification program we host includes a minimum of 10 training modules. After we learn the needs of your company and staff, we personally curate a set of training modules specific to addressing your needs, areas of focus, challenges, and goals.

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