Suffering as a Gateway to Transformation

The Nature of Suffering

Many are desperate to escape the conditions and responsibilities of being alive without realizing there is another side of suffering–it can be a catalyst for cultivation and a gateway to transformation. We are conditioned to perceive obstacles as unfortunate, unnecessary, and unrelated to what we may attract through our thoughts, words, and actions. In other words, we humans feel our hardships are mostly underserved and unwarranted, and we can be quick to victimize ourselves rather than explore our potential role in some of the difficulties we face.

While there are certainly times we can be a true victim to terrible things outside of our control, when it comes to repeating patterns, behaviors, choices, and our sheer free will in general, we may lack the awareness to look within ourselves for solutions. As a result, there is a general pursuit to pathologize these states, seek external treatment and solutions, and do whatever it takes to get relief from these problems and discomforts.

Video Education Series

The Human Experience is an engaging video channel and educational series created by our founder, Deanne Adamson. After a decade of coaching people and families through all kinds of adversity and various states of suffering, Deanne discovered the culmination of issues all people face comes with the territory of being human. To be human is to encounter obstacles of the mind, body, spirit, and the very nature of life itself. These obstacles can create suffering and suffering can create conditions for transformation to occur.

Takeaways From Each Season

Through Season 1, Deanne discusses the Nature and Significance of Suffering, and how all hardship, tribulations, and even crises present opportunities to grow and level-up. Facing and forbearing suffering is a much different approach than running from and masking suffering. The educational series discusses how to get the most benefit and growth out of any kind of challenge or chronic suffering so that you are in fact moving onward and upward through any kind of tribulation

Through Season 2, Deanne discusses the Nature and Phenomenon of Addiction, and the experience that someone has when they are going through addiction. These educational videos help viewers understand how the phenomenon of addiction can hide in someone’s life, what it is linked to, and how it also has supported people at certain times in their life. There are many types and manifestations of addiction found across different cultures in society, showing up on micro and macro levels, and in as many guises as there are things.

Through Season 3, Deanne discusses the life-changing practice of Transformational Recovery that anybody can take up to overcome adversity, addiction, or any kind of chronic suffering. The significance of addiction and suffering is the growth that happens through the recovery process to overcome such challenges. Doing the work is the point, and this video series goes through all the different aspects of transforming yourself, your life, your family, and your community.

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