Psychedelic Integration Coaching


Become the Person You Know You Are Deep Down

Bookend your psychedelic experience with precare and aftercare coaching. Transformational Psychedelic Integration Coaching offers preparation and aftercare integration that supports having a psychedelic experience. Studies have shown that the need for holistic support before and after psychedelic therapies is paramount to ensure lasting results.

Conquer Your Fears, Conquer Your Life!

Bookending psychedelic experiences with before and aftercare –particularly with psychedelics like ketamine, psilocybin, MDMA, 5-MeO-DMT, LSD, ibogaine, and ayahuasca will help you conquer your fears and mitigate risks, leading to a transformative journey of lasting healing and growth.

Through Psychedelic Integration Coaching, you can:

  • Thoroughly prepare for a psychedelic experience
  • Establish a safe and secure set and setting
  • Mitigate the risks of psychedelic therapies
  • Be equipped with supportive tools and techniques
  • Gracefully navigate a psychedelic experience
  • Maximize the benefits of an experience
  • Experience a neutral, safe space for integrating insights
  • Extend the therapeutic effects following an experience 
  • Receive comprehensive support and peace of mind

My coach was amazing and helped me get a better understanding of what I was going through. She helped me process what came up during the ketamine treatments and gave me tools that I could use along my healing journey. When I was getting off track, I was able to use the skills she gave me to right the ship. I can’t say enough good things! She’s caring, compassionate – it was like having my own cheerleader. She’s also very knowledgeable and clearly knows what she’s talking about. I wouldn’t have grown as much if it wasn’t for her – she helped me to be my best. For me, it was life-changing.”

Tim C.

I have enjoyed working with my coach for many reasons, but one of the larger pulls to continue this work with him is his mindset on using these experiences and the integrations to help heal the mind and body. As someone who also deals with the complexities of severe chronic pain it helps to have someone who understands and can facilitate navigating that space as well as the spaces of mental health and changing the perspective one can have around those things. He also makes it clear that this all requires continuous work on my part and assists in holding me accountable to the goals I have for myself, and in helping me define those goals for myself.

Samuel Palmatier

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At Being True To You, we pride ourselves on the level of intentionality we bring to coach matching. We have a growing network of specialized coaches around the globe and will work with you to find the perfect coach to support your healing journey. Once you buy a coaching plan you will be directed to an intake form to begin the matching process.


Being True To You (BTTY) is an online transformational and integration coaching program, coach training and certification, and aftercare integration services for wellness clinics. BTTY coaching supports individuals through tough times, transitional moments, and transformational experiences. While clients may struggle with addiction, depression, and other psychological conditions, BTTY coaches are not counselors or mental health professionals, do not professionally assess, diagnose, or treat such conditions, and do not try to influence a client’s decisions around their medical symptoms. BTTY does not replace or stand in the way of clients getting professional medical help. BTTY does not approve or disapprove, suggest, advocate, or make referrals or connections to any psychedelic substances, sources, or providers. BTTY Is a standalone company not affiliated with any other organization. BTTY is governed by regional and federal laws and adheres to morals, ethics, and industry standards.
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