Sitters Training

Master The Art of Holding Space During Psychedelic Experiences

Our Sitter’s Training and Certification program is for you if you are interested in learning tools, techniques, and skills to guide people through the preparation and integration of bookending psychedelic therapy experiences. This training is also for you if you wish to ‘sit’ (meaning hold space for, or offer your supportive presence) with people through psychedelic experiences in a therapeutic setting or retreat center specializing in psychedelic therapies. Gain the knowledge and expertise to hold space for people during some of the most profound moments of their lives and be a catalyst for their healing journey.

Through our Sitter’s Training and Certification program, you can:

We developed our Sitter’s Training and Certification program for those who want to work regularly with people who are undergoing psychedelic experiences for therapeutic purposes, and who wish to refine their skills as either a professional or volunteer in the psychedelic space. This training differs from our Companion’s Training and Certification program, which is for family members or supporters who may be present or involved in a single person’s or loved one’s journey work.

Through our Sitter’s Training and Certification program, you can:

  • Explore ways to prepare the therapeutic space
  • Learn how to welcome people into the therapeutic space
  • Examine your role in a variety of possible situations
  • Help people process memories or emotional moments
  • Hold space and sit with people through discomfort
  • Help people go deeper and further into their psychedelic experience

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