Ready, Set, Succeed with Preparation

Preparation is a crucial component of the process, providing the necessary preparation and support before your journey begins. Like a life vest is essential for river rafting, preparation through Psychedelic Integration Coaching sets you up for success with comprehensive support. Our coaches will work with you to ensure you have the tools, knowledge, and mindset to navigate the experience safely and effectively, maximizing the positive changes and growth that can result. 

Start your journey on the right foot with the support of our experienced coaches.

  • Become well-informed about psychedelics
  • Conduct due diligence to find the right psychedelic therapy for you
  • Prepare mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually
  • Manage expectations and clarify your intentions
  • Identify and overcome challenges and blockages
  • Learn how to both ease and enhance the stimuli of an experience
  • Build a framework for navigating a psychedelic journey
  • Establish integration support on the other side

Cultivate lasting, positive changes with Integration Coaching

You may receive profound insights about your own nature and life during a psychedelic experience. Integration coaching supports you in integrating these insights or making the necessary positive changes in your life and it plays a vital role in making those changes stick. We teach you through practical tools and techniques and help you maximize the value of the journey.

  • Unpack and explore the themes of your psychedelic experience
  • Make sense of your experience with a trusted coach
  • Deepen your understanding and interpretation of insights
  • Integrate your insights into daily life
  • Process unresolved emotions and elements from an experience
  • Identify and address unhealthy behaviors and patterns
  • Utilize the window of opportunity immediately following an experience
  • Harness neuroplasticity to generate transformative change

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At Being True To You, we pride ourselves on the level of intentionality we bring to coach matching. We have a growing network of specialized coaches around the globe and will work with you to find the perfect coach to support your healing journey. Once you buy a coaching plan you will be directed to an intake form to begin the matching process.


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