Psychedelic Integration Is The Bridge

“Connect the profound insights of a psychedelic experience with real-world, sustainable change. 

Psychedelic Integration is an intentional, structured process that empowers individuals to harness the therapeutic potential of psychedelics, navigate challenging experiences, and build a foundation for holistic wellness and personal growth. By recognizing the importance of integration, we can ensure that the profound benefits of psychedelics are integrated into our lives, creating a better, healthier, and more awakened world.”

Being True To You started in 2010 offering preparation and integration services to clients going through various psychedelic therapy clinics and other alternative wellness programs. We were the first to develop a preparation and integration coaching program and for nearly 15 years we have served thousands of clients from every demographic. We were the first to launch a coach training program specializing in psychedelic integration, which we teach as a part of our transformational recovery model. We have trained over 1,000 people with a 99% satisfaction rate. We have been building coaching teams to serve wellness retreats, psychedelic clinics, and their clients ever since. 

Core Pillars of the Being True To You Coaching Model

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Our Coaching Approach

The answers are found by looking within

Each individual decides what change lookks like for them

Neutrality creates space for all worldviews and beliefs allowing clients to embody, understand, and live in alignment with their beliefs more fully

Change happens over time when one inetgrates new actions and beliefs daily

Autonomy and agency are important to self-actualization

One’s tools for and process of transformation will vary from person to person

Good character and living in integrity alleviates suffering and creates good citizens in the world


If you’re planning a psychedelic journey for healing, recovery, or personal growth, our certified coaches can provide you with expertise, support, and encouragement. We’ve been helping people prepare for and integrate psychedelic experiences for over 10 years, and our experience includes nearly every psychedelic substance and scenario. You can email us at today to get situated with a coach, or you can browse our Psychedelic Integration Coach Directory and choose a coach that looks best for you. Whether you get integration support from us or from somewhere else, remember that integration is the key to lasting transformation.

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At Being True To You, we pride ourselves on the level of intentionality we bring to coach matching. We have a growing network of specialized coaches around the globe that will work with you to find the perfect coach to support your healing journey. Once you buy a coaching plan you will be directed to an intake form to begin the matching process.


Being True To You (BTTY) is an online transformational and integration coaching program, coach training and certification, and aftercare integration services for wellness clinics. BTTY coaching supports individuals through tough times, transitional moments, and transformational experiences. While clients may struggle with addiction, depression, and other psychological conditions, BTTY coaches are not counselors or mental health professionals, do not professionally assess, diagnose, or treat such conditions, and do not try to influence a client’s decisions around their medical symptoms. BTTY does not replace or stand in the way of clients getting professional medical help. BTTY does not approve or disapprove, suggest, advocate, or make referrals or connections to any psychedelic substances, sources, or providers. BTTY Is a standalone company not affiliated with any other organization. BTTY is governed by regional and federal laws and adheres to morals, ethics, and industry standards.