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Discover what you need to experience life with joy, curiosity and excitement. At BEING TRUE TO YOU we believe that many instances of addiction and depression stem from a disconnection with one’s true self. Our mission is to help people reconnect through transformational recovery.

"I enjoy the fact that there are so many pathways to recovery, the possibilities are endless. This perspective gives hope and opens up whole new doorways in the journey of addiction recovery.” - Fanika A.

    "Being True to You is more than just a coach training program, it is an invitation into the true nature of who we are. These last 6 months have given me something I have been longing for my entire life. It has shown me what a healthy family is like, and how to operate within that family. Thank you!" - Sky M.

      Testimonial 8

      "I have been in awe of the in depth detail that this course delivered. I feel awake and more present as a family member, a friend, and a co-worker as the process of emergence has been at times challenging, but always revealing." - Walter S.

        Testimonial 7

        "I highly recommend the BTTY coach training programme. It has been the most incredible journey of personal transformation, as well as learning the skills and the knowledge needed to become a successful transformational recovery coach." - Rebecca S.

          Testimonail 6

          "The BTTY coach training program is diligently designed and the engagement with other participants provided the opportunity for a dynamic learning environment for a variety of learning styles. I didn’t just learn 'how' to coach but defined my – 'what' and 'why' throughout the process." - Annette F.

            Testimonial 5

            “BTTY has been a cornerstone in my recovery and transformational journey. Becoming educated in all the layers of addiction empowered me to take responsibility for my own recovery process. The community has been a godsend and has supported me fully into becoming my true self." - Anslyn R.

              Testimonial 4

              "BTTY is the most cutting edge and inspired training I've ever taken related to coaching and helping people find their highest self, which to me is the essence of coaching. I'm so appreciative of the training and community and can't recommend it enough as a coach or human." - Darren W.

                Testimonial 3

                “I benefited so much from this transformational training! The lectures, open discussions and community as a whole were incredibly inspiring and rewarding. The work could be intense at times but much of that was the personal journey that resulted in going through it." - Jenn B.


                  "Took 35 years of opiate addiction, I was introduced to Deanne, and knew my life would change in that moment. Being True To You continues to give support. Proud to say it's been over 3 years, and my life keeps getting better daily." - Deborah H.


                    "The 'Being True to You' Coaching Program was nothing short of life changing for me, and I am so grateful to be a part of this incredible community. What a blessing to have such knowledgeable and caring instructors, and to be supported and loved by them and my amazing classmates as well!" - Julie C.

                      Being True To You’s Transformational Group Coaching calls allow individuals from all over the world to access high level professional coaching at a fraction of the price of one-on-one coaching.
                      Features and Benefits:
                      • Community connection
                      • Shared experience
                      • Accountability and feedback
                      • Confidentiality and depth
                      • Caring and nonjudgmental
                      • Accepting of everyone’s unique path
                      • Powerful lectures and discussions
                      • Experienced coaches leading calls.
                      • Meet amazing people from all over going through a similar process.
                      • Learn new skills around mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and communication.
                      Participants Report:
                      • Feel heard and understood
                      • Feel connected and supported
                      • Feel valued and recognized
                      • Feel clear on next steps
                      • Have new confidence and drive
                      • Have new tools and practices
                      • Understand their daily work
                      • Look forward to the group calls
                      • See many new perspectives
                      • Feel good about asking for help
                      • Have an increased desire to live a sober, healthy, vibrant, and joyful life.
                      Group Coaching Grants:
                      • Opportunity to turn things around
                      • Opportunity to make amends
                      • Opportunity to discover the true self
                      • Opportunity to become whole again
                      • Opportunity to learn from mistakes
                      • Opportunity to heal the trauma
                      • Opportunity to let go of attachments
                      • Opportunity to open new doors
                      • Opportunity to discover your life’s path
                      • Opportunity to connect deeper with others
                      • Opportunity to come out stronger
                      • Opportunity to reach to a higher place
                      Our group coaching allows individuals to learn new life skills, feel heard and build new relationships and community. Everyone can speak and participate. This is not a seminar and every voice is valued and given the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings.
                      BRING IT ALL
                      We value all emotions.
                      This is a safe place to voice what one is thinking and feeling. From sadness, anger, pain and grief to curiosity, excitement, peace and joy. No emotion is more valuable than another. When we see others be authentic and vulnerable it gives us permission to also be authentic and vulnerable. This is where the true self has an opportunity to learn, develop, and grow.
                      How and When:
                      Group coaching calls are hosted on the Zoom Video Conferencing app and can be joined easily from a computer, smart phone, tablet or by telephone. Users do not have to use video, although it is encouraged. Calls happen at varying times on weekdays. With your Unlimited Membership you can join as many calls as you like!
                      An Unlimited Transformational Coaching Group
                      Membership is only $49/ Month!
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                      Family Recovery Workshop 1

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