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Curated staff training designed to increase your client acquisition, client retention and engagement, and conversion rates to help you serve more profoundly in this competitive space.

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Hand-picked private coaching pods meticulously trained to extend the services and essence of your practice. Complemented by co-branded materials and a workbook tailored to mirror your mission and brand.

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Tailored guidance to surpass your business goals and achieve remarkable growth, optimize internal processes and marketing efforts, elevate your client experience, and leverage unique differentiators.

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You stepped into the realm of transformational medicine with a vision: to serve others, to help people heal, and to seek more from life. You want a life and business that the grind of corporate giants and conventional medicine simply can’t offer. So you took the leap and started a clinic, retreat or practice. Yet, amidst this time of great epidemics and great possibility, client awareness is low, competition is high, and it’s clear that true transformation, the kind that has your clients singing your praises to all their friends,  demands more than just a treatment—it requires a journey.


Our pioneering work in the psychedelic and transformational space has taught us one undeniable truth: people need more. More support, more guidance, more understanding, and more human connection are needed for these innovative treatments to truly take root. As the industry evolves, the demand on providers to do better grows, and so does the opportunity to offer a level of care that truly transforms lives. Our coaches guide your clients through the inner transformational journey, while we assist your practice with top-notch business development support. This is the care we believe in. This is the care we provide.

You + Us: Infinite Potential

Being True To You has set the standard for preparation, integration, and coach training and certification in this industry since 2010. We partner with upright, ethical transformational medicine practices by training, certifying, and managing customized coaching pods to deliver comprehensive preparation, navigation, and integration coaching to your clientele. Our service is seamlessly integrated and tailored to the needs of your business and your brand—elevating your practice, enhancing patient outcomes, and setting your practice apart in an ever-expanding market. With Being True To You, there’s no cost to the provider for coaching and almost no effort required from you, just endless possibilities.

Clear Synergies: Psychedelics + Coaching

If we step back and look at both the old and new research into psychedelic therapies, we can see a new and powerful truth unfolding: the neurobiological impacts of psychedelics synergize directly with the goals and supportive framework of coaching. Both psychedelic medicine, in particular ketamine with its recent wave of research, and coaching have been shown in research to foster self-awareness, promote new perspectives, support lifestyle change, and enhance motivation while improving stress resilience and self-regulation.

Psychedelic Medicines


Foster Self Awareness Helps Navigate and Explore Self-Awareness
Inspire New Perspectives Explore, Extend, and Integrate New Perspectives
Support Lifestyle Change Create Structure and Accountability for Lifestyle Change
Enhance Motivation Harness Motivation with Support for Vision, Planning, and Execution
Increase Stress Resilience Teaches Tools to Enhance Stress Resilience and Self-Regulation

We have seen first-hand that leveraging these unparalleled synergies is a profoundly supportive approach to leveraging the benefits of transformational medicine into true and sustained transformation. Remember when your clients do better, so does your business.

Let’s have a closer look at a few of the synergistic benefits of psychedelic medicine and coaching:

    Enhanced Neuroplasticity: Ketamine, psilocybin, and other classically studied psychedelics like LSD and DMT are known to induce neuroplasticity, creating a state of heightened brain plasticity that makes the brain more receptive to new learnings and behaviors. Coaching during this period reinforces positive changes and emotional regulation through structured guidance and support.

    Improved Self-Awareness: Psychedelic therapies have been reported to increase self-awareness and transform thinking, offering new perspectives on personal behaviors and patterns. Coaching during this time helps clients further explore new perspectives while connecting them effectively into the bigger picture of their lives.

    Increased Motivation: Ketamine and other psychedelic therapies have been shown to enhance motivation by affecting the brain’s reward system. Coaching complements this by encouraging active participation in treatment, goal pursuit, and sustained effort toward personal growth.

    Support for Lifestyle Change: The potential of psychedelics to support behavior change by affecting neural circuits is significant. Coaching provides the necessary support, accountability, and strategic planning to ensure that these changes are deeply integrated into an individual’s daily life, enhancing the sustainability of therapeutic gains.

    Stress Resilience: The effects of psychedelics on enhancing stress resilience and emotional regulation are further supported by coaching strategies aimed at developing coping skills, managing stress effectively, and promoting overall mental well-being. This dual approach can empower individuals to handle life’s challenges more adeptly.

    Our coaches have completed our world-class five-month intensive coach training program designed to equip them with coaching skills specific to psychedelic medicine and transformational recovery. Your personalized pod of coaches will receive customized training specifically tailored to your clinic along with ongoing personal development and mentorship from Being True To You.

    Profound Results. Results = Referrals

    My coach was fantastic. The ketamine journey was amazing. I told [my coach] that I think there’s a great power in the medicine, but the coaching was essential. One without the other is not as helpful for me. I’d like to dive into the program again after a little more space.”  – J.W.

    “Ketamine integration coaching was like 20 therapy sessions all in one. It’s unparalleled to other types of therapy that are out there. Coaching with [my coach] was a breakthrough for me with the mental trauma I was dealing with. [My coach] helped me look within, and allowed me to find the answers for myself. I’m very happy with the help I received with Being True to You.”  – Spencer K.      

    “I enjoyed working with [my coach]. We were a good match. She didn’t dwell too much on the past and helped me so much with the work I can do in the present. This process helps alleviate anxiety about the Ketamine treatments.” – Maria

    “[The Ketamine clinic] and Being True to You created a very inclusive and professional space. I have zero negative things to say. It was such a helpful experience to gain a more holistic lifestyle and view. It is life-changing not to be tied down by addictive thought loops.” – Jackson M.

    [My Ketamine integration coach] was great. He was professional, attentive, always on time, took notes, and had great insights and practical steps for integrating my experiences.” – Clint N.   

    “Working with [my coach] has been great. She’s insightful and very calming. She’s helping me be more compassionate with myself and reframe some things that trouble me. I was so glad I was able to work with her for the integration sessions and I’m seeing that continuing these sessions will serve to strengthen the new strategies that help me move on from the past and find peace.” – Kathy B.

    “[My Ketamine integration coach] is someone that’s had to go through his own journey, he’s not just trying to be empathetic because it’s his job, he’s zero BS – he’s the real deal. He was talking about a gratitude practice, and he was very straightforward about real blocks that he had and gave me some tips that really opened my mind to things I hadn’t thought about before. It seems like he understands the subtle nuances of everything a lot more than people in the past. If there’s a sticky point, he’s there with a solution that never feels like quackery. I feel like I’m talking to myself five years from now. Because I’m familiar with ‘the work’, and because he’s right there with me, not missing a beat, I’m not wasting any time.” – Donald P.

    “I was connected with [my coach] as part of an integration package for ketamine therapy I was receiving. I knew that guided integration would be essential to the treatment process, but I was worried about how deeply I would be able to connect with a coach in a tight period of time. I was relieved and pleasantly surprised when I found myself not only opening up but also piecing things together during my sessions with  [my coach] that felt both easy and revolutionary at the same time.  [My coach’s] calm disposition made me feel instantly at ease, but he’s not afraid to ask pointed questions or say what’s what when I needed it. It was as if we had been working together for months. With ketamine opening up pathways in my brain that didn’t exist before,  [my coach] guided me through them to fully integrate the experience. The effects have been long-lasting and getting more profound over time. I cannot imagine treatment without [my coach’s] voice on the line a few hours later helping me make sense of what I experienced. – Kelly E.