Business Training Workshop For Certified Coaches

For graduates of our Transformational Coach Training & Certification Program, we offer a 12-week Business Training for Coaches Workshop to help you launch your business.

 A Game-Changing Workshop that teaches you how to

Align with your reasons for wanting to be a coach

Identify your niche–who do you want to serve and how?

Understand your target audience and their specific language and needs

Create a unique brand in alignment with your true self

Assemble your coaching materials, toolkit, and essential business documents

Learn effective marketing strategies and sales techniques

Develop a system for onboarding clients and tracking client notes and records

Get comfortable with taxes, legal entities, insurance, and more

Launch your own coaching business/practice with confidence and integrity

Make Money Coaching Others

Through these 12 weeks, our Business Training For Coaches workshop will provide support and accountability for you to cultivate the necessary skills and knowledge to efficiently navigate the complexities of the coaching industry and entrepreneurship in general. Our instructor, workshop, and weekly discussions will hold you accountable to take every step you need to take to start making money coaching others. 


Set Yourself Up For Success

Starting and scaling a coaching practice requires clarity, and consistent follow-through on the right strategies. Without a game-plan, this process can lead to years of expensive trial and error. Don’t get lost or overwhelmed in the complex terrain of the coaching industry and the business world. Set yourself up for success and sign up for our Business Training For Coaches workshop today. 

 Navigate the Complexities of the Coaching Industry

12 weeks of virtual training for business operation and entrepreneurship

Step-by-step checklist to start a coaching business ethically and effectively

Materials and resources to strengthen your business

Weekly discussions to integrate and deepen your understanding of course content

Personalized support from your instructor

Accountability to ensure you are on track to reach your goals

The benefit of a community of peers

MARCH – MAY 2024

Business Training Workshop for Certified Coaches


Class time 12:30pm-2pm PT Tuesday  + Thursday


Tuesday, 3/5 

Orientation & Meet & Greet  

Thursday, 3/7

Success & Follow Through Strategies


Tuesday, 3/12

Module 1:
Your True North

Thursday, 3/14

Workshop + Q & A


Tuesday, 3/19

Module 2 :
Clarify Your Niche 

Thursday, 3/21

Workshop + Q & A


Implementation Week

Tuesday, 3/26

NO CLASS |Accountability partner check in | 1:1 coaching

Thursday, 3/28
No Office Hours


Tuesday, 4/2

Module 3 :
Outline Your Profile 

Thursday, 4/4
Workshop + Q & A


Tuesday, 4/9

Module 4 :
Create Your Toolkit 

Thursday, 4/11
Workshop + Q & A 


Tuesday, 4/16 

Module 5 :
Establish Your Business 

Thursday, 4/18
Workshop + Q & A


Implementation Week

Tuesday, 4/23
Accountability partner
check in | 1:1 coaching

Thursday, 4/25
No Office Hours


Tuesday, 4/30

Module 6 :
Generate Clients 

Thursday 5/2
Workshop + Q & A


Tuesday, 5/7

Module 7 :
Sell Your Services

Thursday, 5/9
Workshop + Q & A


Tuesday, 5/14

Module 8 :
Cultivate Yourself 

Thursday, 5/16
Workshop + Q & A


Implementation Week:

Tuesday, 5/21
Accountability partner
check in | 1:1 coaching

Thursday, 5/23
No Office Hours

Business Workshop Testimonials

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Business Training Workshop for Certified Coaches


Registration Open

Instructor Marissa Gagliardi

Being True To You (BTTY) is an online transformational and integration coaching program, coach training and certification, and aftercare integration services for wellness clinics. BTTY coaching supports individuals through tough times, transitional moments, and transformational experiences. While clients may struggle with addiction, depression, and other psychological conditions, BTTY coaches are not counselors or mental health professionals, do not professionally assess, diagnose, or treat such conditions, and do not try to influence a client’s decisions around their medical symptoms. BTTY does not replace or stand in the way of clients getting professional medical help. BTTY does not approve or disapprove, suggest, advocate, or make referrals or connections to any psychedelic substances, sources, or providers. BTTY Is a standalone company not affiliated with any other organization. BTTY is governed by regional and federal laws and adheres to morals, ethics, and industry standards.