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Master the Art of Transformational Coaching with Our Immersive Three-Part Program

Our Transformational and Psychedelic Integration Coach Certification Training Program is more than an invitation to help others–it’s an invitation to explore the true nature of who you are. Don’t miss this opportunity to create a brighter future for yourself and those in need of your immense power to create significant change.


Transformative Recovery Guide


Nature & Impact of Addiction

History & Treatment of Addiction

Transformational Recovery

Preparing for Transformation

Detoxifying the Mind, Body, & Spirit

Family Recovery & Community Support


Coaching Skills & Ethics Guide


Recovery Coaching

The Coach Relationship

Coaching Skills & Role

Coaching Tools & Methods

Coaching Ethics & Relationships

Coaching Framework & Process

Coaching Business & Niches


Specialist’s Integration Guide


Human Experience

States of Suffering

Catalyzing Consciousness

Healing the Mind, Body, & Spirit

Psychedelic Medicines & Experiences

Psychedelic Preparation & Integration

Journey of the True Self

Start Your Dream Career in Coaching Today

Being True To You is the world-class pioneer of the first and most comprehensive Transformational Coach Training of its kind. We’re excited to offer a unique program that focuses on the two leading foundations of mental health: psychedelic integration and addiction recovery. By becoming a Certified Transformational Coach, you can start a rewarding dream career by helping people successfully navigate through life’s many challenges and gain freedom from addiction and mental health issues and thus improve their human experience, as well as yours!

Transform the Lives and Careers of Others

We’ve trained a thousand coaches since 2010 and would like to train thousands more. We believe it’s essential for us as a society to meet the ever-increasing need for highly skilled Transformational Coaches. Our game-changing training program facilitates personal transformation, encourages self-reflection, and provides practical tools and techniques for effective, compassionate coaching, and equips you with the skills to navigate through holistic healing, trauma recovery, psychedelic therapies, addiction recovery, and veteran support.

Launch Your Career in the Fastest Growing, Most Effective Fields in Mental Health

At Being True To You, we’re committed to helping our coaches make a real difference in the world. Our program not only prepares coaches for a career in the leading fields of psychedelic integration and addiction recovery coaching,  it also expands on key elements of the human experience so you can view topics through both a broad and microscopic lens for a thorough comprehension of human nature and our internal and external influences. You’ll gain the skills and knowledge to provide compassionate and effective support to those in need.

Get Post-Training Access to Being True To You’s Business-Building Workshop

The Wild West of the coaching industry is a vast expanse of complex terrain that one can become easily lost or overwhelmed in without the right tools and support. Just as with any new territory, having an experienced guide to show you the way will ensure you reach your goals and milestones. Starting and scaling a coaching practice requires clarity, and consistent follow-through on the right strategies. Without guidance, this process can be overwhelming and lead to years of expensive trial and error. Our Business Training For Coaches workshop sets you up for success. 

What You Get

BTTY logo 2023 all B Five months of virtual coach training for addiction recovery and psychedelic integration

BTTY logo 2023 all B World-class instruction with industry leaders and experts

BTTY logo 2023 all B 30 pre-recorded program lectures

BTTY logo 2023 all B 800 pages of course material

BTTY logo 2023 all B Three experiential courses (12 sessions each) taught by our senior coaches

BTTY logo 2023 all B A personal Coach Training Mentor to guide and support you through the training

BTTY logo 2023 all B A toolkit of materials and resources to use as you begin working with clients

BTTY logo 2023 all B Annual and monthly memberships for support, mentoring, and guidance through our Blue Lotus Membership for certified coaches

BTTY logo 2023 all B Addendum training courses for continuing education

BTTY logo 2023 all B Access to the Coach Business Training Workshop upon completion

“I wouldn’t have been able to learn so much about myself without Being True To You’s coaching course. It made an incredible impact on me and I realized that I’m allowed to be myself and don’t have to conform to anyone’s way of life. I’ve learned that my feelings are valid and that as a recovering addict, I’m someone who has had a lot of trauma in life but I still deserve to love myself for all that I have been through and I’ve found love and forgiveness for those who have caused me pain. The growth I’ve made has been tremendous and I see no end in sight. I feel like I’ve just woken up after spending the last years of my life on autopilot, conforming to something else someone wants me to be. Now, all I want is to be of service and help others find their path out of darkness.”

Brandon Hall


“The Being True To You coach training has had an increasingly positive effect on my life. It not only taught me foundational training in coaching, but taught me a new level of compassion, communication, and understanding about myself. It showed me how to show up for the people in my life, both loved ones and clients. The communication in my marriage has become more mindful and conscious. I’ve been able to share what I’ve learned with my spouse and together we’ve found a better understanding of each other’s experience. I’ve gained knowledge on many things, like the somatic experiences, that have helped me work through many of my own blockages. There aren’t enough words to say how transformative this process has been for me.”

Dianna Baylor


Sample Schedule



Listen on your own or with the group.

9-11am PT
3-5pm PT



Attend 16 of 32 live discussions for certification.


11-12pm PT
5-6pm PT




‘Heart-Centered Communications’ & ‘Leaning into Discomfort’ are skill-building workshops scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Attend 16 of 32 live workshops for certification.


9-11am PT



Listen on your own or with the group.

9-11am PT
3-5pm PT



Attend 16 of 32 live discussions for certification.


11-12pm PT
5-6pm PT




“Heart-Centered Communications” & “Leaning into Discomfort” are skill-building workshops scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Attend 16 of 32 live workshops for certification.


4-6 pm PT




This training is designed for deep transformation. Receive support for issues that may come up along the way as you go through the training.

Attendance Optional.

11-12 pm PT

Transformational & Psychedelic Coach Training

Our next training cohort begins on March 6th, 2024. Unlock your extended payment plan by joining now.

December $3,800 $650 x 6 = $3,900
January $3,800 $780 x 5 = $3,900
February / March $3,800 $975 x 4 = $3,900


What do people do once they’ve completed their certification?

Once trainees have completed their coach training certification, new coaches can:

  • Sign up for our Blue Lotus monthly membership to receive ongoing training and mentorship as well as practice opportunities with coaching and teaching workshops. The alumni membership acts as a board of coaches to lean on for support, guidance, and accountability in perfecting their overall practice and method.
  • Sign up for our Mentorship 12-week Workshop run by Elaine Whitt and other senior coaches (coming Spring 2024). 
  • Integrate the training into their personal and professional lives to improve themselves, their communication, relational, supporter, and executive skills, and their ability to set up an ethical and successful practice as a coach. 
  • Offer to do more for their current employer, or apply for new roles and get a promotion. Coaches apply to work at new jobs and find any number of ways to elevate their careers with their new knowledge, skills, and abilities. 
  • Apply to coach with Being True To You and/or other companies who hire contract coaches. We have different pods of different coaches.
  • Apply to work directly with retreats or clinics to either offer their integration coaching, or to work on-site as admin, supporters, sitters, and many will even move into or further develop their role as an administrator or facilitator.
  • Start their own business offering a service and/or product to a target audience in need of something they can help with. There are many steps to starting one’s own business, we offer the Becoming a Coach Business Training, a 12-week course that can begin right after certification. 

What if I don’t want to work with addiction clients? Is this program still useful for me?

Our coach training is for all types of professional helpers and coaches working with many different audiences. You will always have the option to choose your clientele and you can position yourself to work with client demographics and circumstances that you are most specialized in. You will not have to work with any particular clientele that you do not want to or that you do not feel called or equipped to support.

In the training we talk about how the nature of addiction affects all of humanity. Everyone has attachments, habits, obsessions, control patterns, and tendencies to outsource their problems and solutions to the external world. This phenomenon does not stop at substance addiction.
It touches the lives of everyone. So whether you are working with addicts directly or not, your clients will have addictions and all kinds of attachments they need to face and let go of to reach their goals. You can’t wholeheartedly coach someone without acknowledging this phenomenon.

Our training will help you look at this condition in a different light so that it comes out of the shadow and you are able to help people through a deeper, more complete transformation. 

Is this program ICF-certified?

  • Our coach training stands independent of any other institution or program. We have built our program from the bottom up, listening to what people need and don’t need, and learning through trial and error, and working with over 10,000 clients. This training does not come from the University, it does not come from textbooks, or other third parties, it does not come from scientific research, it comes from direct experience.
  • We are not beholden to any organization, but we do honor and respect our regional and federal laws as well as our conscience and moral compass. No licensing board or legislature is controlling what coaches can talk about or how much coaches can help people, despite some institutions aiming to control the field of coaching. We are accountable to ourselves and responsible to the public, but not connected to any coaching federations. That is not necessary to coach people or make a living coaching people. 
  • We do not intend to unite with these overarching coaching companies that initially started in the ’90s or so. Their history was built on financial planning, goal setting, and personal development and has branched into many sectors. Our transformational coaching program is very different, more holistic, and multidimensional, and cannot be compared to ordinary life coaching. We are setting a whole new standard and level for “transformational and integration” coaches not just for coaching but for helping professionals at large.

Explore Our Course Curriculum

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Being True To You (BTTY) is an online transformational and integration coaching program, coach training and certification, and aftercare integration services for wellness clinics. BTTY coaching supports individuals through tough times, transitional moments, and transformational experiences. While clients may struggle with addiction, depression, and other psychological conditions, BTTY coaches are not counselors or mental health professionals, do not professionally assess, diagnose, or treat such conditions, and do not try to influence a client’s decisions around their medical symptoms. BTTY does not replace or stand in the way of clients getting professional medical help. BTTY does not approve or disapprove, suggest, advocate, or make referrals or connections to any psychedelic substances, sources, or providers. BTTY Is a standalone company not affiliated with any other organization. BTTY is governed by regional and federal laws and adheres to morals, ethics, and industry standards.