Blue Lotus Workshop Schedule


Dimensions of forgiveness

Forgiveness enters all aspects of our lives. It is a deep practice that is often easier said than done. When we cultivate forgiveness we are able to separate from our attachment to the hurtful words or actions of others and/or our own negative thoughts and behaviors towards ourselves.

Personal Support Group

This is a space for coaches to share, process, and integrate challenging personal experiences. Staying engaged in one’s own personal process of growth and cultivation of the true self, helps a coach to identify their own attachments and biases. Regularly clearing one’s field and continuing the healing process ensures that a neutral and compassionate space can be held for clients in the coaching container.


Integration through the lens of Permaculture

“Permaculture Principles can be applied to so much more than stewarding land, these principles can be applied to all aspects within the systems of our life and can even allow us to weave in the Sacred into the Mundane. In this 12-week class we will walk the Path of Integration through the lens of 12 Permaculture Principles, across six “zones”/spheres of influence.”

All Things Entheogens

This class is dedicated to discussions regarding preparing for and making sense of an entheogenic or peak experience, and integrating these transformational experiences into your life. Additionally, John will tie in the current research and status of entheogens and important things to know regarding this work. Our disclaimer: This group coaching class does not promote, recommend, approve or disapprove, help procure, facilitate, or require the use of entheogenic medicines. This class and the views expressed by the host, co-host, or any participating coaches, and the comments made by other members are not necessarily a reflection of the views of Being True To You. It is a policy of Being True To You that members adhere to legal and ethical protocols surrounding this work.


Peer Mentoring

The Peer Mentoring group provides a place to explore all the unique obstacles to peace, transformation and growth our clients encounter. Sharing experiences and all of our unique insights helps to tap collective resources we can pass on, not only to our clients, but to everyone in our field of influence.