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DISCLAIMER: Being True To You (BTTY) offers non-medical coaching services to support individuals undergoing transitional or transformational processes, including but not limited to ketamine therapy. It’s crucial to understand that BTTY coaching is not a substitute for medical, psychiatric, or psychological care. Our services do not include professional assessments, diagnosis of mental disorders, or creation of treatment plans for addiction, mental illness, or physical disease. Clients should be aware that decisions regarding any form of treatment or therapy, including psychedelic therapies, are solely their responsibility, and BTTY does not advocate for or refer clients to any specific treatments.
Coaches at Being True To You are independent contractors dedicated to providing guidance and support through personal development and self-exploration processes. They do not assume responsibility for clients’ health decisions. By choosing BTTY coaching, clients acknowledge the non-medical nature of the coaching and agree to take full responsibility for their treatment choices and personal growth. This acknowledgment is crucial for ensuring a clear understanding of the role of BTTY coaching in their wellness journey.