What is Microdosing?

What is Microdosing?

What is Microdosing?

Would you care for a drop of LSD in your morning coffee?

JANUARY 18, 2022

Microdosing is the latest trend in the psychedelic world. It involves taking very low doses of a psychedelic substance, such as LSD or psilocybin mushrooms on a regular basis. Such a technique allows a user to achieve a better state of equilibrium, as opposed to the intense trip that is often synonymous with a psychedelic experience.

It first emerged in San Francisco, less than a decade ago, when workers in Silicon Valley discovered that taking small amounts of LSD and psilocybin mushrooms every few days made them more focused, creative, and productive.

What is Psilocybin Like?

What is Psilocybin Like?


What is Psilocybin Like?

While keeping in mind that experiences with Psilocybin are often referred to as “ineffable,” let’s dive in and provide an overview of what an experience with Psilocybin is like.

JANUARY 11, 2022

Psilocybin is the psychoactive compound found in ‘Magic Mushrooms.’ When ingested, Psilocybin stimulates serotonin 2A receptors in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, affecting mood, cognition and perception.

While there is no definitive way to answer the question of what Psilocybin is like, we can unpack what can occur during a Psilocybin experience. Psilocybin can take you on a deep dive into your subconscious. It provides a unique opportunity to become aware – and potentially address – of what has been repressed. With Psilocybin, it is possible to face our ‘shadow’. The shadow, in this instance, represents all the unconscious parts of yourself that your ego doesn’t want to admit to.

Can DMT Help Treat Addiction?

Can DMT Help My Problem with Addiction

Can DMT Combat Addiction?

An increasing number of people are turning to DMT in a quest to overcome their addictions.

DECEMBER 28, 2021

DMT is a powerful hallucinogen that comes in two forms: natural and synthetic. The first form occurs naturally in many plants and animals. Take, for example, Ayahuasca. It is a potent South American brew used by native Amazonian tribes for religious rituals and recreation, with DMT being the main psychoactive ingredient. However, the other form of DMT can be extracted in a laboratory to make a pure, crystalline white powder. This can either be smoked or snorted.

Can Ayahuasca help my Problem with Addiction?


Can Ayahuasca help my Problem with Addiction?

Perhaps you’ve heard about Ayahuasca or know someone who has had a profound experience at an Ayahuasca retreat and are wondering, can ayahuasca help my problem with addiction?

DECEMBER 14, 2021

Certain places have decriminalized having small amounts of psychedelic substances, but brewing or having larger amounts with intended ceremonial use or distribution is still a punishable offense.

There are several religions that use Ayahuasca as a sacrament. They have a religious exemption and conduct legal, sacramental use in the U.S. and Canada as well as several others that are asserting their rights, but do not have a formal exemption. If you fundamentally believe in these religions, there is the option to join an Ayahuasca church.

What is Psychedelic Integration?

What is Psychedelic Integration?

David DeVallePsychedelic Integration Coach


What is Psychedelic Integration?

Psychedelic experiences, especially when set with an intention, have an incredible potential to catalyze change in one’s life. But psychedelic integration might just hold the key to lasting transformation.

DECEMBER 09, 2021

Psychedelics have become known for their visionary experiences, higher states of consciousness, mood and sense enhancement, and ability to elicit perceptual shifts within one’s psyche. When used in the context of a healing journey—that is , seeking to heal oneself from pain or trauma—they can provide a powerful platform by which to transform the self through deep and personal psychedelic experiences. In many cases, this can even lead to profound “breakthroughs” that shift a person’s understanding of themselves and their world. When this happens, one is often left to wonder, “what now?”, or “how do I use this information to improve my life?”

How Coaching Is Different From Therapy

Coaching vs Therapy

How Coaching Is Different From Therapy

Explore the field of helping professionals and learn how to navigate the coaching vs therapeutic relationship.

DECEMBER 07, 2021

What comes to mind when you think about therapy? Do you have any images, metaphors, or experiences that shape your preference? Do you see a couch with a person sitting across from you taking notes? Maybe you don’t have any experience. The following guide will help to assist your understanding of the differences between receiving traditional therapy vs coaching. Choosing a therapist can feel a bit like the awkwardness of dating, and knowing what you need and want in a therapist takes time, work and research.

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