Why Family Recovery Matters More Than Ever

Family Recovery Workshop

Why Family Recovery Matters More Than Ever

The COVID -19 pandemic has obscured the rising addiction epidemic. If you are supporting a loved one struggling with addiction today, this is the workshop for you.

DECEMBER 02, 2021

Since, I have picked my mom up from the street, passed out, at 11am. I shuffled her 5 pieces of luggage wherever she went. I offered to pay for a sober living then watched as the day she got out of rehab, she went directly to a hotel to drink. I called the ER after finding her in a pile of feces, food rotting on the floor. I spent my mother’s birthday wondering if she was alive. Trying to ‘rescue’ my mom came at a heavy cost: I lost my job, my accommodation, my Airbnb account, and my car directly due to my mom. Through it all, I was racked with guilt: what if I had called more often, been kinder, wiser, more understanding, more patient, less angry? Maybe then she would want to get better.

Family Recovery Workshop 1

Family Recovery Workshop 1

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