Illumma-Exclusive Weekly Ketamine Integration Circle

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Turn Insights From Ketamine Treatments Into Actions In Community and Gain Valuable Skills and Tips

Being True To You is a coaching company that has been a pioneer in preparation and integration coaching since 2010. They partner with ketamine clinics to offer virtual one-on-one and group preparation and integration coaching for people undergoing ketamine treatments. The weekly integration circle will optimize the benefits of Ketamine treatments and translate insights into actionable changes in your life from the convenience of your own home.

Join Us Weekly via Zoom on Wednesdays from 7pm-8pm Central Time

The group integration support calls are hosted weekly via Zoom on Wednesday evenings from 7pm-8pm CT. We highly recommend attending weekly to gain the most traction from these groups, receive accountability in integration, and safeguard the investment in your ketamine treatments. Integration support is an essential part of ketamine treatments and can last for months and years after your Ketamine treatments. Integration is the process of uncovering deeper truths and layers within oneself and bringing different aspects of our being into alignment with our highest good.

In these drop-in open discussion calls, attendees share experiences, gain valuable resources and skills for navigating the experience, and tips and tools for integrating insights into lasting, positive change. Attendees can ask questions, and relate to others going through ketamine treatments. We have found that when clients have a community who can relate to and share similar experiences, it deepens their individual healing process.