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What is coaching?

Coaching is a type of peer support that helps people to improve their lives by providing guidance, empathy, education, harm reduction, and accountability. At Being True To You, our coaches primarily assist people who are in the addiction recovery process or seeking psycho-spiritual growth through transformational experiences.

How does it help?

Major life transformations aren’t easy. In our culture we tend to value individualism and “going it alone”, but in our experience everyone can use a helping hand once in a while, especially during a major life transition or healing experience. We don’t expect elite athletes or business leaders to achieve their abilities without coaching or mentoring of some kind, and we shouldn’t expect people to know how to heal from addiction, trauma or other major life hurdles without expert support.

What is transformational recovery coaching?

Transformational recovery is our model of approaching addiction recovery by looking at the root causes of addiction, taking a holistic, whole-life approach to change, and acknowledging the profound opportunity that addiction provides in a person’s life to rediscover their true self. Being True To You coaches are educated in all conventional forms of addiction recovery treatment and support, as well as emerging modalities such as ibogaine treatment.

What is psycho-spiritual integration coaching?

As entheogens like ayahuasca and ibogaine gain more popularity, and scientific research continues to validate psychedelic treatments for various conditions, it is important that those who seek out a psychedelic experience do so with care, clarity, and caution. Psychedelic researchers and experts agree that the key to getting the most benefit out of a psychedelic experience is to have proper preparation and integration support before and after the experience. Our coaches help you approach an entheogenic journey with the right mindset, clarifying your intentions without having expectations, and then help you to unpack the experience afterwards as you integrate your insights into your daily life for lasting change.

What do your coaching packages include?

Our monthly coaching packages include 1-on-1 coaching over the medium of your choice (phone, text, email, video chat, etc.) as well as access to weekly group coaching and family coaching calls. In addition, clients will have access to our extensive library of learning materials and exercises through their coach.

What is group coaching?

Our weekly group coaching calls for men, women, and families in recovery are lead by a Being True To You coach and serve as a place for continued learning about the recovery process and life skills, and a place to share stories of your hurdles and triumphs with peers.

Where are you located?

Being True to You is a remote coaching service with a network of coaches around the world. We are able to assist people wherever they are located as long as they have a phone or internet access. Currently our main offices are in San Diego, California.

Do you provide in person support?

Yes, in certain cases we are able to have coaches travel to meet clients, but the majority of our services are provided remotely.

Can you sit with me during an entheogenic journey?

No, we do not provide “trip-sitting” services. Our coaching services assist people before and after transformational experiences.

Do you have to be sober to start coaching?

No, we believe that the recovery process begins once a real commitment is made to changing one’s life, and often this happens prior to undergoing detox or treatment. Many of our best success stories are clients who first began with us while still in the throes of their addictions. All you need to start coaching is a true desire to change.

Do you support families in recovery?

Yes, in our experience helping family members can be an integral part of the recovery process. Detox and recovery can be intimidating for family members who aren’t sure how to best support their loved ones. We support family members through weekly group coaching calls, recorded lectures and handouts, and 1-on-1 coaching when requested.

Can you help me find a treatment center?

Being True to You does not recommend or make referrals to any treatment centers, but we can share general best practices of how to properly vet treatment centers and support people around their own research and decisions.

Can you recommend what drugs or medications I should use?

No, Being True to You does not condone, recommend, or prescribe any medications or substances.

Do you provide entheogenic medicines?

Absolutely not.

How long have you been working with people undergoing Ibogaine treatment?

We began helping people prepare for and integrate ibogaine treatment in 2011.

What does it cost?

Our comprehensive monthly coaching packages with individual and group coaching cost $600-$995 per month, with savings on longer packages. Short term integration packages and individual coaching sessions vary in cost depending on a client’s needs.

Do you take insurance?

Unfortunately coaching is not currently covered by most insurance companies. Coaching is a non-medical profession.

What if I don’t like my coach or the coaching services?

If clients are looking for a change of pace or do not resonate with their coach, we are happy to pair them with a new coach at no extra cost. We take your investment of time and money seriously, and can stop payments at any time if you choose to cancel.

Can I spread out the down payment over a couple months?

We are happy to work with people on an individual basis to meet their needs and budget.

What if I want coaching but can’t afford it?

You can still reach out to us. We cannot guarantee it, but sometimes our coaches will accept pro bono clients, and we have various materials we can share with you.


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