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Join the rapidly growing field of addiction recovery coaching and psychedelic integration coaching. Our graduates can work from home making $50-$100 an hour doing meaningful work. Training offered once a year only. 


What is Transformational Recovery Coaching?

“Transformational” recovery coaching helps the client “transform” themselves, from their forgotten, wounded, addicted, and suspended and unintegrated “selves,” to the path of their integrated and true self. Transformational recovery coaching transcends addiction “and” recovery; breaking the cycle of addiction is the conversion and initiation into a person’s conscious life journey. This is often described as a spiritual awakening when a person discovers their worth and purpose for being here. A person goes from being unregulated and disembodied to embodied and tuned into their true self. Clients use the recovery coaching relationship as a catalyst to align with the best version of themselves. 


“Recovery Coaching is a type of “helping” relationship, whereby a trained coach works with a client under agreement and exchange to help the client break the cycle of addiction.” The word “recovery” commonly refers to “addiction” recovery. However, as we see with Being True To You, recovery isn’t just for addiction. The process of “recovering the true self” can happen from whatever state of suffering or detour a person has found themselves in. In our terms, Recovery Coaching is the alliance formed between a trained coach and client, adhering to the principles of: compassion, sincerity, autonomy, perseverance, and integration, in the direction of the client’s true self.” 

There are more than 21 million people with substance abuse issues in North America today. 20% of them receive treatment. Most of them could benefit from coaching pre and post treatment.

  • Recovery coaching provides extra support in helping people enhance the quality of their lives now by focusing on their strengths, resources, opportunities, and visions moving forward, as opposed to focusing on past stories, addictions, problems, and challenges.    
  • Recovery coaching can occur in person, online or over the phone. It can continue between sessions through electronic communications, and it can happen through one-on-one talk-sessions, group coaching, online classes, and self-study programs. 
  • Recovery coaching is for people who are recovering, or wanting to recover, from an addiction (substance or behavioral addiction), or from something else. It is for people who are willing to invest time, money, and focus into their recovery. 
  • Recovery coaching can occur as a stand-alone recovery program, or as a supplemental program in conjunction with other programs. 
  • Recovery coaching is flexible, adaptable, and customizable to fit the client; the client is the expert and designer of their recovery pathway; it is supposed to be fun, exciting, creative, and ever encouraging and inspiring.

Recovery coaching has many objectives

  • Helping clients get honest with themselves
  • Helping clients connect with their core values
  • Helping clients identify where they are blocked
  • Helping clients free their minds and move energy
  • Helping clients heal their bodies and release trauma
  • Helping clients raise their level of being, find their true north
  • Helping clients take positive action, integrate insights
  • Helping clients sort themselves out, organize their lives
  • Helping clients overcome addiction and other states of suffering 
  • Helping clients prioritize tasks, meet needs, achieve goals
  • Helping clients develop skills: life, communication, relationship, & career
  • As well as problem-solving, decision-making, conflict-resolution skills, etc
  • Helping clients find the path of their true self (in their own regard)

Recovery coaching has many advantages

  • Meets the client where they are at: the coach assists clients through a transformational process that fits them, as they are today, where they are today, and with what they need, want, and prefer today. 
  • Makes it possible to recover on their terms, through their own intuitive process, preferred methodologies, and creative vision. 
  • Encourages exploration of the whole self, who they are in different social settings, in what ways they are being pushed and pulled in different directions, and all the parts of their mind, body, spirit, and life.   
  • Forms a genuine human-to-human bond and spiritual connection unlimited by traditional regulations and taboo conversations; the client can show all sides of themselves (a multi-dimensional relationship).
  • Makes recovery from home possible; clients can learn and practice in their natural environment and make changes in their life in real time (versus waiting to get out of treatment)
  • Allows for mistakes and relapse, sees these things as learning opportunities, a chance to see what is still blocked and burdened, and a platform for continued growth
  • Truth and solution-based, looking for accurate reflections, best-case-scenarios, most effective ways, answers & solutions, and a grounded, balanced, meaningful stance in life *

What is Psychedelic Integration Coaching?

A psychedelic integration coach helps a client to prepare mentally, emotionally and physically for their transformational experience and integrate it afterwards in order to create lasting change. People around the world are becoming interested in using psychedelics for personal transformation, addiction recovery and psychospirtual growth. In mainstream medicine psychedelics show promise as a treatment for depression, alcoholism, nicotine dependence, anxiety related to a terminal illness (existential crisis), chronic PTSD, and social anxiety related to autism, among other potential applications. Psychedelics are also known to induce mystical experiences which can change a person’s outlook on life.*


*Research shows that psychedelics (also known as entheogens), natural or synthetic, in their pure form at the right doses, and in the right setting, are extremely valuable and beneficial to a person’s mental health, emotional healing, physical restoration, social connectedness, spiritual development, quality of life, and clarity to one’s faith, life purpose, values and morals.  “Numerous case studies testify to the therapeutic effects of LSD to treat addiction, neurosis, anxiety disorder, chronic mental illness, and pain syndromes.” –Stanislav Grof Roland Griffiths, professor at John Hopkins University initiated research in 1999 on the effects of psilocybin. Of the 18 participants, after 14 months of taking a full dose of psilocybin, 94% said their experience: “was of the top five most meaningful experiences of their lives; 39% it was the single most meaningful experience.” (Maia Szalavitz, 2011).

This section of our Coach Training includes modules on:

  • Most commonly used entheogens and what they do
  • Entheogenic Preparation
  • Entheogenic Navigation
  • Entheogenic Integration
  • Transforming Suffering

Psychospiritual Coaching has many objectives:

  • Helping clients seeking lasting transformation.
  • Helping clients prepare for and integrate their psychedelic experiences
  • Helping clients transform suffering  
  • Helping clients achieve personal goals
  • Helping clients naturally heal and mature
  • Helping clients awaken to their truth
  • Helping clients increase awareness and deepen their learning
  • Helping clients improve their relationships and quality of life
  • Helping clients see opportunities and discover possibilities
  • Helping clients create meaning, discover passion, and live with purpose

Our graduates are capable of working at a high level with people who chose to use psychedelic medicines such as Iboga & Ayahuasca. Thousands of people from around the world are flocking to countries where these entheogens are legal in order to have transformational experiences.  All of them can benefit from preparation and integration coaching in order to maximize their experience.

DISCLAIMER: Being True To You does not approve/disapprove, suggest or advocate for the use of entheogenic or psychedelic medicines, nor does BTTY make referrals to the medicines or help people connect with the medicines. The BTTY community provides integrative coaching around transformational experiences, such as entheogenic journeys, meditation retreats, holistic treatments, personal development workshops, and other psycho-spiritual healing and transformational events. This training series does not approve trainees or coaches to suggest, approve/disapprove, or refer individuals to use entheogenic medicines that are not legal in the U.S. Clients make these decisions on their own, to include finding and setting up these experiences in an approved matter on their own accord.*

The World Needs More Transformational Coaches. Are You One of Them?

The addiction epidemic is a symptom of a humanity that is wounded and seeking a way to feel better. Transformational Coaching connects at a deep and authentic level that allows people to successfully move through their healing process in an unconditionally accepting, non judgmental environment. As more and more people are awakening to the effectiveness of transformational coaching we are experiencing an increase in demand for both addiction recovery coaching and psychedelic integration coaching.  At Being True To You we are entering a phase of expansive growth and partnerships with industry leaders. Become a part of the transformation.


Who Makes a Good Transformational Coach?

People who aspire to make a difference

People who enjoy conversing with other people

People who are interested in addiction recovery

People who are interested in guiding transformational experiences

People who are seeking meaningful work in an emerging field that is growing exponentially

People who want the ability to work globally, from anywhere with a phone or internet connection

People who are already Doctors, Therapists, Coaches, Counselors (*Not required.)



600+ pages of learning materials and 60+ hours of instruction

15 additional experiential workshops to learn coaching in real time

Two online lectures a week followed by open discussion on video

Training and group calls via phone, mobile app, or desktop computer

Lifetime access to all recorded lectures, handouts, and coaching packet

Member access to the vibrant Being True to You community of coaches

Instructor: Deanne Adamson

Deanne Adamson, founder of Being True To You, is paving the new era of addiction recovery and psycho-spiritual healing through her Transformational Recovery model. This model was developed through her work supporting hundreds of families through ibogaine, observing the natural recovery process, and listening to what people need. Deanne has a masters degree in Mental Health Counseling, and an academic background relating mostly to spiritual psychology. Over the last 10 years Deanne has found her passion, mission, and craft to help people understand and transcend addiction and suffering through personal transformation and natural maturation.

Co-Host: Dan Engle, MD

Dr. Dan Engle joins Deanne and co-hosts the third section of our training program, the Specialists Guide, sharing his extensive knowledge about psychedelic research and treatment, and how to best utilize psychedelics for personal transformation. Dr. Dan has been a medical consultant for leading ibogaine and ayahuasca treatment centers abroad, and is board certified in Psychiatry and Neurology, with a clinical practice that combines functional medicine, integrative psychiatry, neuro-cognitive restoration and peak performance.



What You Will Learn

A comprehensive overview of addiction and our model of transformational recovery

A complete training on the coaching process and how to support families in recovery

An advanced training in psychospiritual growth and how to support those working with entheogens



Where and When Does Training Happen?

Our live training is held on the ZOOM video conferencing app Mondays and Wednesdays from 3-6pm PST. There are also additional elective lectures and community Group Coaching Calls that can be participated in.

Each lecture has associated written coursework to be completed by the student.

Students participate in a coaching practicum that starts in the third unit.

At the end of the program a final assessment interview is conducted with the student to assess their coaching readiness before certification.



Tuition is $3500 before August 31, 2019 and rises to $3900 on September 1, 2019


Receive a certificate in Transformational Recovery Coaching from Being True To You

Be capable of making $50/hr as a new coach and more than $100/hr with more experience

Create your own coaching business or seek to become a subcontractor with Being True To You or other companies

Have an annual membership to our community and core team for support and education

Be invited to participate in our weekly group coaching calls

Participate in weekly coach-mentoring calls with your peers

Be part of an amazing, friendly, committed, and authentic community!