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Transformational Coach


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Certified Transformational Recovery & Integration Coach


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After watching his business and life crumble due to undiagnosed brain trauma, Herbert Heagh-Avritt began to make tremendously positive lifestyle and health changes even as he continued to sink deeper into depression.

Through years of working to merge his spiritual awareness with his business and entrepreneurial goals, he developed a vast knowledge of tools and modalities, and yet they all seemed to stop working.  He started working with plant medicines and ceremony, and they helped a little, but they weren’t working for him as miraculously as he heard about in the documentaries.  Until at last, he found two missing pieces that allowed him to start putting the puzzle of his life back together.

The right plant medicine for him, and the preparation and integration coaching that was missing from his previous work.

The first session with his coach helped him start to integrate years of work that he hadn’t been able to understand.  At the end of his coaching sessions, she recommended he take the Being True To You certification course for his own continued recovery.  She also said that because he already knew a lot about spiritual transformation and was able to explain hard to understand ideas and concepts in ways that people could understand, that he would make a great coach. 

It was not an easy road, but he followed her advice and persevered through the training. He kept doing his work and clawing his way back.  And on the way, he found that not only was he good at this, but it brought him a sense of purpose and fulfillment to help other people come back to life, and start living the life that is true for them. If you are ready to start looking at life in a new way, schedule a call with Herbert now.



Being True to You – Certified Transformational Recovery & Integration Coach


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Traumatic Brain Injury / Psychedelic preparation & integration / Depression / Anxiety / Psychospiritual Work

Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, Iboga/Ibogaine

Meditation / Breathwork / Ice baths/cold exposure / Mindfulness

Military/First Responder Communities, Entrepreneurs, Fathers


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Herb has a very unique and effective way of asking the right questions. In our sessions he would ask a question and in the search for the answer to that question I would unlock something and connect another piece of the puzzle. I really enjoyed working with such a kind man who understands how to listen and help his clients get results. ~ Jonathan Y.

I have had 3 calls with Herb and each time he has leveled me up. In 3 calls he has made significant impact on my life. I have paid people a ton of money and they haven’t made as much of an impact as Herb has.       ~ Marshal G.

I started working with Coach Herb after a psilocybin trip that I wanted help analyzing. Herb understands the use of psychedelics and what’s happening to the body during these experiences so it was a no brainer for me to reach out when I was analyzing my experience. I did the psilocybin trip with the intention of discovering what hides in my subconscious. I got what I wanted and then some. In my first session with Herb, we worked with the different aspects or parts of me that came up during my mushroom journey. These parts were in a mild conflict and Herb helped me bring them to a common ground. This was an emotional experience but a profoundly healing experience as well. Our sessions now consist of bringing my opposing parts together (there are many) to help unify my identity. I highly recommend reaching out to Coach Herb if you want to do parts work or integration work. Especially if you’ve done any psychedelics. ~Tracy T.



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