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Meet Amanda Rose, a distinguished thought leader and highly sought-after contributor and collaborator in the realms of transformational coaching. Recognized as a “coach’s coach,” Amanda offers invaluable insights for both business and personal growth. At 44 years old, Amanda draws from a rich background as a former police officer and weapons instructor, specializing in counter-terrorism.

Amanda’s transformative journey began at IDC Herzliyah in Israel, an elite institution where she delved into the complexities of diplomacy, strategy, counter-terrorism, international relations, international law, and the layered dynamics of Middle Eastern history and politics. Her profound understanding of these subjects lays the groundwork for her distinctive coaching approach.

Despite facing a near-death experience and enduring several traumatic incidents, Amanda redirected her life towards the healing space of recovery six and a half years ago. This personal odyssey fuels her passion for guiding others through transformative processes.

Amanda’s Specialties Include:

Unique Phenomena: Amanda seamlessly integrates the extraordinary and the unexplained into her coaching, offering a holistic approach to personal growth.

Spiritual Understanding and Giftedness: Drawing from her own spiritual journey, Amanda helps clients discover a deeper understanding of their spiritual selves, tapping into their unique gifts and abilities.

Near-Death Experience: Having confronted the brink of mortality, Amanda brings heightened empathy and insight, helping clients navigate challenges with resilience and a renewed perspective.

Law Enforcement and Military Transition: Leveraging her background in law enforcement and military training, Amanda specializes in assisting individuals transitioning from demanding careers to new, fulfilling chapters in their lives.

Supernatural Insight and Perceptions: Amanda possesses what some term supernatural insight, delving into the depths of situations. This unique ability enhances her coaching and providing clients with profound understanding, empowering them to make informed decisions.

Leader in Truth and Integrity: Recognized as a leader and sought-after contributor and collaborator, Amanda engages in a multitude of complex and diverging projects. Clients seek her for reliability, trustworthiness, integrity, and unique perspectives within the transformative coaching community.

Amanda Rose is more than a coach; she’s a compassionate guide committed to helping you unlock your untapped potential. Through her direct and empathetic approach, Amanda invites you to embark on a transformative journey, rediscover your strengths, and build a life aligned with your deepest aspirations.



Being True To You Coaching Certificate: 2020
Police Academy: Advanced and Basic – 2003-2010
Emergency Medical Technician: 2002
CalFire Basic Academy: 2001
Hazmat First Responder: 2002IDC Herzliyah – Israel: Student – 2010-
Police Academy: Advanced and Basic – 2003-2010
Emergency Medical Technician: 2002
IDC Herzliyah – Israel: Student – 2010-2012
Institute Counter Terrorism: Research Intern – 2012
Security Consulting – School Safety: Registered in State of Texas – 2023 to Current
Defensive Tactics Instructor: Protect Israel – 2010-2012

Magid Institute – Hebrew University: Deputy Director – Counter Terrorism – 2010
Tel Aviv University – Online: Assistant Director – Krav Maga and Sports Science – 2011

Professional Engagements:
Published Content Creator: IMDb-Pro – Aloe Entertainment – Co-Producer – Writer – Co-Creator
Developmental Editor: Multiple Publications
Speaker: 4 Corners Gathering – 2022, 2023


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End of life care
Near Death Experience
Spiritually gifted adults and children
Contact with God
Finding a spiritual path
Unusual Phenomenon
Addiction Recovery
Narcissistic Recovery
Behavioral Analytics
Threat assessment
Security and Safety
Military/Veterans Support