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Being True To You and Chrysalis Ketamine

Ketamine Integration Coaching

Being True to You’s coaching services support holistic healing and lasting life changes through transformational experiences like ketamine treatment.

About Integration Coaching

Integration coaching extends the insights and healing gained through ketamine treatment into your mind and life. The treatment opens the door to real change, but the degree of benefit, lasting rewards, and results come through integration. Working with a coach is key to long-term benefits.

About Being True To You

Being True To You has been providing preparation and integration coaching for over 10 years, and has specific expertise in providing Ketamine Integration Coaching. Being True To You has trained and certified hundreds of experienced coaches across the globe to work with individuals like you through your treatment sessions.

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To get paired with the best-matched coach and get started on your coaching sessions, please answer the following questions about yourself. Be as detailed as you are comfortable to share. All information is confidential and shared only with your coach.