Being True To You and Advanced Wellness And Pain

Ketamine Integration Coaching

About Integration Coaching

Working with an integration coach before and after your ketamine infusions extends the clarity, relief, goodness, and healing potential gained through AWAP’s ketamine treatments into your mind and life. The window for change and noticeable results comes in the days and weeks AFTER your treatments so the lasting change and benefit from your treatments come with continued integration and coaching. We include your initial prep and integration sessions to get you started because we want you to attain the results you set out to achieve with ketamine!

About Being True To You

Being True To You has been providing preparation and integration coaching since 2010, and has specific expertise in providing Ketamine Integration Coaching. They are the first and most esteemed integration coaching company to support people through ketamine therapies. Being True To You has trained and certified hundreds of experienced coaches across the country to work with individuals like you through your treatment sessions.

Matching You to a Coach

You will be paired with the best-matched integration coach who will help prepare you for your ketamine infusions and the integration period that follows. This ensures you get the most out of your experiences and stay engaged in your process. We want you to have a coach that you respect and trust, help you reach your bigger goals and work through any doubts, resistance, and blocks that try to stop your progress.

Client Intake Form

To get paired with the right coach and start on your coaching sessions, please answer the following questions about yourself. To help us find the right coach for you, please share as much detail as you are comfortable with. All information is confidential and shared only with your coach.