What is Addiction Recovery Coaching? | Being True To You What is Addiction Recovery Coaching? | Being True To You

Addiction recovery coaching is a non-medical, non-licensed service where coaches assist clients through the addiction recovery process in alignment with medical and social standards of care. A recovery coach might help their client to better meet their own needs, stay on course with their recovery plan, outline goals and action plans, work on various life skills, and improve overall self-care, health and wellness. Many counselors are adding a “coaching certification” to their practice to get better results with clients.

Being True To You’s addiction recovery coaching is very unique and unlike other forms of recovery coaching. Our coaching model specializes in pre-abstinence training (working with people before they are sober), creating personalized recovery strategies, and guiding people through emerging transformational treatment modalities such as ibogaine treatment. We’ve developed our model by listening to our clients, understanding their needs, and meeting them where they are at. In our experience, recovery is not a one-size-fits-all process. Each individual needs to have highly personalized care and be paired with a coach that best fits their needs.

Over the years, we have come to call the Being True To You approach to recovery coaching “transformational recovery”. Like traditional recovery coaching, we provide consistent conscious conversations, life guidance, accountability, and a continuum of support as clients move through different stages of recovery and treatments. What makes transformational recovery different is how we see the presence of addiction in someone’s life as a great opportunity for whole life transformation- a chance to transform the fear, fog, heaviness, pain, trauma, life burdens, addictions, and suffering into truth, virtue, vision, purpose, meaning, and opportunity.

The surest and most satisfying road to recovery happens when clients embark on the journey of rediscovering their true self. When the roots of addiction are faced fearlessly and the passion for escape becomes a passion for embracing your highest dreams and goals, the shadow journey of addiction gives way into a voyage of endless self discovery. Recovery from addiction cannot be rushed or forced or accomplished without looking at the bigger picture of one’s life. True and lasting recovery happens naturally when the elements of one’s true self come into alignment, the layers of self-deception and attachment are released, and the ability to make positive choices naturally unfolds.

Whole life transformation is not easy, which is why the support of a dedicated recovery coach is so integral to this process. Our holistic model helps clients get to the roots of their addiction, and layer by layer remove harmful coping mechanisms and replace them with positive adaptations. We help clients to observe their mind and trace their patterns of behavior with self-awareness and clarity. Through this careful self-observation and the bringing out of one’s values, goals, passions, and purpose, the desire to escape through addiction naturally dissolves.

Being True To You’s addiction recovery coaching is for people who are interested in using their addictions, afflictions, and adversities as motivation to change and transform, connecting personal goals and self-actualization to the recovery process, and riding the wave of inspired action to boundless success and opportunity. Transformational recovery changes the game of recovery from a daunting drudgery to an inevitable victory. The journey of your true self that our models guides is the most direct, powerful, and lasting way out of addiction.