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Read what clients and their families have said about Being True To You in these coaching testimonials:

“Being True To You and Deanne Adamson’s approach to both holistic and spiritual wholeness and healing forever changed my life. Deanne wasn’t just a counselor or life coach- she was a person who stuck with me no matter what, was always encouraging, and she saved my life in a sense. After getting treated by ibogaine I needed some direction on how to live. I had just lost my brother to a drug overdose and the pain ran deep. Ibogaine helped with the physical withdrawal and the mental craving- but humans also have, or should I say are, a spirit. My brother’s death was a spiritual dilemma, and Deanne helped me to not just deal with it, but to overcome the darkness and depression that had caused multiple relapses. Thank God for Deanne!”

“We are overjoyed at what seems to be a complete transformation that [our son] is undergoing. Words cannot describe how happy we are; yet we know how important it is to remain ever vigilant, and to stay engaged, for now and for a long time to come.”

When I first came in contact with Being True To You I really did not know what to expect! I wasn’t very optimistic that this would even work for me, but as I continued my sessions with my coach and actually listened to what she had to say, things started to click. I’m amazed at the work that they provided because it has really given me a different outlook on life! Today I’m happy and very determined and excited for what the future has in store for me, and that’s all due to the work, the confidence, and the love that my coach and Being True To You has given me. Very grateful!”

“A year ago, my family member that would not travel into populated areas, hid out in bathrooms, offices, or home due to her fear, became one of the most valued hostesses at her work. She now works for a great company, as one of their most valued customer service people, speaking on the phone daily to people that in the past, she would have hid away from… She is a totally different girl due to Deanne’s guidance and care. I am so glad Deanne was there to guide my relative through the nightmare she called life for some many years, that has now become joyous and hopeful.”

“Thank you, Lynn, for what a positive impact you have had on my life. I told a colleague and my daughter that this is the single most revealing, thus hopeful, year of my life. I have you to thank for that, Lynn…you have unlocked thinking and awareness that up to now have eluded me.“

“I guess I never really believed that the phase of recovery that [our son] is currently experiencing would ever happen, but here it is.  We have bonded together as a family like never before, and we remain both wary and optimistic about the future. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the difficult work that you have done and continue to do for [our son] and others.”

“It was an amazing experience.  I have not received work (e.g., massage, counseling, etc.) that has made such an impact on my deeper understanding of my true being.  I was surprised to hear how the physical experience was completely linked to the emotional.  It was a life-changing experience.  Kris is fabulous at her work and has such amazing energy.  I trusted her completely and she allowed me space and time to discover myself.  Thank you!”

“You have an amazing ability to see through to the core issues that can drain energy and hinder being your personal best. Your messages often resonate in my mind long after our conversations and help me to make clear, sound decisions. I am grateful for the opportunity to know you.”

“My experience with Being True To You has been wonderful, and I’m extremely grateful I got the opportunity! I would recommend Being True To You to anyone who’s living life and not truly loving every day and cherishing every moment because each day has the potential to be your best day, or if you choose, your worst day. It’s all YOUR choice and they will help you understand this and make it a fact that every day IS truly your best day!”

“There are not sufficient words for it.  Absolutely amazing and wonderful experience.”

“Through Being True To You I’ve developed a profound feeling of self confidence, the will to move forward from a life of feeling forever in a hole, and liberating my mind to knowing I have so much more to offer myself and the world. Through years of unbearable pain and suffering I put myself through, overwhelmed with negative thoughts and feeling of hopelessness, Deanne Adamson helped pave the way out of that awful road I was on.  Being True To You helped put me on a road full of positive thoughts and reachable dreams.  I’ve spent my entire life with regrets of my past and anxiety about the future.  Showing me that I CAN live in the present and enjoy a life filled with happiness is just one of many things Being True To You has done to aid me in my recovery!”

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this journey!  Thank you for giving me the tools to unlock and expose everything I have inside and already know.  I read my journal that has entries from the past 2-3 years, everything that I wrote in there about desire and belief has found its way into my life. I feel that my vibrations are raised and more powerful with the insight you have brought.  The timing of all of this is absolutely perfect….I love the universe!”

“WOW Deanne!!!!  You are amazing…I just keep saying that about you over and over!  Thank you for taking precious time to give me such detailed and empowering feedback, I appreciate your words and energy sooo much! “

“I think that the program is easy to follow and understand.  I think that when you can create huge change and inspire such enlightenment from a relatively simple process; that speaks so much about your ability to make higher consciousness available to everyone.”

“From your daily exercises, the practice really helps the concepts stick and build off each other.”

“I really have never felt such space open before.  You know that space that is created when you release the things that are not serving you, and all of a sudden there is just SPACE for good things and opportunity to arrive and fill you?! The way you have opened my mind and heart to effectively store the good energy and let go of the negative is allowing me to manifest some really BIIIIG and Great things:) And when they come….I have a happy home for them in the space that was created!  YEAH!”

“You add so much value to me Deanne!!! You are worth your weight in gold!!! These principles and questions are priceless.  This is just so very very helpful.  You are helping me achieve my best life which is of incredible value.”

“My life literally changed overnight after having a session with Deanne. Before our session started, I was very negative; everything seemed problematic.  I hadn’t had a nice conversation with my brother in years!  My neighbors were fighting every day, screaming at the top of their lungs and the sound was blasting through the walls.  I was very introverted.  Then I had this amazing session where Deanne totally heard me and we put an action plan in place…I have made amazing progress with everything and I had long ago literally given up….. Thank you Deanne, love you!  You are an outstanding coach, woman and friend!”

“Thanks so much!  It was fabulous.  What an awesome process this has been and thank you so much for developing the program and in particular for customizing it for me.  Wow what a difference in my life over the past four months since we have met.  Thanks for opening my eyes to so many amazing concepts and experiences.”

“I am amazed at how these classes are usually right on track with what I need to be working on. This fits perfectly with my counseling and feels like exactly what I need.  I look forward to what I learn each day in the classroom. I guess I really just want to say thank you for filling an important role in my progress. The education and tools you provide make sense and have practical application.” 


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