Read what clients have said about our transformational coaching and coach training program.


Read what clients have said about our transformational coaching and coach training program.

Being True To You has been a
cornerstone in my recovery
journey,and empowered me to
take responsibility for my own
recovery process.
Anslyn Ryan

The Being True To You
training was nothing short of
live changing for me, and I am
so grateful to be part of
this incredible community.
Julie Clark


Addiction Recovery and Psychedelic Healing

With our next Coach Certification Program rapidly approaching, one question we get often is why we have combined both addiction recovery and psychedelic integration into our training course. The answer is this: Addiction and self realization are inexorably linked....

The Family You Choose: Creating Healthy Community

Becoming more mindful of those we associate with is a great first step to creating healthy community around you. The people we spend the most time with really do have an impact on the lives we live. There is truth to the quote motivational speaker Jim Rohn famously...

We Need Integrity in the Psychedelic Space

Approaching entheogens and their powerful effects with integrity requires safety, respect, and cultural sensitivity. As we continue to collectively embark on the journey of the Psychedelic Renaissance, we need to be having conversations and implementing best practices...

Supporting Women’s Transformation: Interview with Anie Boudreau

Coach Anie Boudreau shares her wisdom on how to support women's transformation with coach Shelly Honey. Shelly: Thank you so much for talking with us today. Can you share what you do in Being True To You? Anie: Right now with BTTY I am one of the lead educators for...

Navigating Spiritual Awakening: Interview with Sohan Ko

Being True To You senior coach Sohan Ko speaks with Shelly Honey about transformational experiences and spiritual awakening. BTTY: Thank you for taking the time to share with us Sohan! Can you introduce yourself to our readers? Sohan: My name is Sohan and I live in...

Finding Healing in Community with Being True To You

By Being True To You certified coach Shelly Honey Community is a crucial piece of life which is often left out of discussion. From the time we are born, we need a strong connection with a community. When we are disconnected from others, healing requires positive...

Healing Division with Open Minds and Open Hearts

By Being True To You certified coach Shelly Honey We are going through a global shift within the collective. It’s clear that within this shift, each individual is operating from different perspectives, viewing this one reality we all share differently than others....

What We Can Learn From Social Isolation

By Being True To You Coach and Instructor Wesley Thoricatha The phrase "no man is an island" has been put to the test this year, as millions of people across the US and the world have sheltered in place and socially isolated like never before. Avoiding social contact,...

Helping An Addicted Loved One and Staying Sane While Doing It

Addiction does not happen in a vacuum: When one or more people become addicted to alcohol, drugs, or a behavior, it affects the entire family. Addiction impacts everyone on a psychological, physical, social, and spiritual level, and helping an addicted loved one is...

Ayahuasca: The Vine of Souls

The following is a short except from our Coach Training Program's Lecture 26: Entheogenic Medicines. This summary of ayahuasca and its effects may be useful to you if you are considering undergoing your first ayahuasca experience. If you'd like to do a deep dive into...

Preparing for a Psychedelic Experience

There are many reasons for mindfully preparing for a psychedelic experience. Preparation is about helping you get primed for real change and growth, identifying all of the areas you would like to work on, and setting the stage for not just a successful psychedelic...

How Entheogens Are Powerful Tools For Transformation

There are countless tools for transformation that have been passed down through the ages from different historical and cultural lineages. Tools for transformation come in many forms, for various purposes, and show up at different times and places in a person’s life to...

Ibogaine Integration and Aftercare

Ibogaine is an especially potent psychedelic that needs to be used in conjunction with a robust aftercare plan for best results. Made from the Tabernanthe iboga shrub, ibogaine is often used as a detox and treatment for opioid dependency that opens the door to...

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Being True To You helped our
family and loved one develop a
new identity and strengthen the
path to recovery- very helpful
and highly recommended!
Dr. Michael T.

Being True To You guided me to
a better place in my life and
understanding of my feelings after my
husband passed and my son
went to prison for drugs.
Katherine McNeill