Taking Personal Responsibility | Being True To You Taking Personal Responsibility | Being True To You

personal responsibility

Personal responsibility is taking ownership for how your choices influence the outcomes in your life, learning from those outcomes, and taking the initiative to improve each outcome through better choices. The objective is to take control of your reality by taking responsibility in every situation.

You are responsible for your personality, relationships, experiences, reactions, mental functioning, emotional status, physical wellness and connection to life. Taking responsibility for how you created or allowed each outcome grants you the learning lessons and opportunities to create change and positively influence your future outcomes. It can create endless positive results including self-control, respect, success, inner peace, smooth interactions, conscious responses, personal satisfaction, etc.

Use the following tips to start taking personal responsibility today!

Learn & grow from past outcomes:

  • Identify how your choices created, influenced or allowed particular outcomes
  • Notice when you avoided responsibility by pointing the finger, blaming others, etc.
  • Identify what you can do differently next time
  • Release negative emotions by accepting, forgiving and letting go
  • Find the blessing in everything

Make positive choices in the present moment:

  • Ask for help in reaching your desired outcomes
  • Listen fully and openly to others’ perspectives
  • Eliminate excuses, fears, complaining, and limiting beliefs
  • Show your true self, be vulnerable and admit mistakes
  • Follow healthy routines & seek overall wellness

Prepare for positive outcomes in the future:

  • Identify your desired outcomes and what it will take to get there
  • Visualize your desired outcomes materializing
  • Create meaning and purpose in what you do
  • Raise your vibration by choosing peace, love, and happiness
  • Always keep the focus on what you can do differently or better