What is a Dark Night of the Soul?

Dark Night of the Soul

What is a Dark Night of the Soul?

You could describe the experience of the global pandemic as the “dark night of the soul”. What exactly does it mean and how do you know you’re experiencing “dark night of the soul”?

FEBRUARY 15, 2022

Sometimes, it can feel that there is no end in sight. When the pandemic hit, my mom called to say it was the “end of the world”. Most of us have felt that they had “hit rock bottom” at one point in their lives; it is part of the human condition.

When someone tells you they are experiencing the “dark night of the soul”, it could mean that they are either deeply depressed, having a few bad days or they reeling from the loss of a loved one. It can be confusing. Though we now use the term loosely to mean suffering, the “dark night of soul” originally meant a spiritual crisis rather than a mental one.

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