Psychedelic Science: A Billion-Dollar Industry, but at What Cost?


Psychedelic Science: A Billion-Dollar Industry, but at What Cost?

New Research on the Psychedelic Frontier and its Impact on Indigenous Peoples

MAY 19, 2022

Research in psychedelics is a new and growing industry worth billions, but it comes at a cost to those who have been using psychedelics for centuries.

The psychedelic movement is here, and according to all metrics, here to stay. This movement is carved into three main paths: “therapeutic, religious, and recreational — each of which involves very different players, areas of law, and, in some instances, competing interests” (Harvard Law). It is estimated that $2 billion has been poured into research and clinical trials this year in the emerging area of psychedelic medicine and is projected to grow to $10.75 billion by 2027 (Research and Markets). As Michael Pollan says: “Capitalism is falling in love with psychedelics. There’s a gold rush” (Michael Pollan).

What is a Shadow Work?


What is a Shadow Work?

Shadow work is an essential part of self-discovery that involves getting to know your ‘dark side’. Sounds fun? Don’t fret. Here is breakdown of what your shadow is, how to work with it, and why this work matters.

JANUARY 18, 2022

Once upon a time, I used to go in the woods with a wilderness instructor who gently guided me towards reconnecting with myself. After a gruelling session of crying and self-pitying, he encouraged me to read the Existential Kink: Unmask Your Shadow and Embrace your Power by Carolyn Elliott. The title had peaked my interest but the subtitle sealed the deal: A Method for Getting What You Want By Getting off on What You Don’t.

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