Understanding Your Role In Recovery | Being True To You Understanding Your Role In Recovery | Being True To You

Even after treatment you have previous learned behaviors, thoughts, emotions and rationalizations that need redirecting. Just because your body has been detoxed of the addictive substance does not mean you are free from cravings, peer pressure or the desire to use. It is your willingness and ability to maintain a healthy mindset and lifestyle that will keep you sober and progressing forward.

The amount of dedication to your recovery will make or break your success. Take things one day at a time, and be open to and prepared for change and challenges; they are inevitable. Know that tomorrow will be better if you allow it to be. Stop blaming or making excuses. Approach each day with a positive outlook and choose how your mood, attitude, daily activities and interactions will play out. Take responsibility and control of your life now by following these important suggestions.

  • Make yourself and your recovery most important
  • Identify your needs and ask for help
  • Develop and practice coping skills to stay calm and focused
  • Listen to your emotions instead of discounting or ignoring them. They serve a purpose.
  • Follow your goals, passion and dreams. Your gut will tell you if you’re on track or not.

Be willing and committed and do whatever it takes to maintain your sobriety. Write a personalized mantra to help you stay positive and motivated, and outline a daily/weekly agenda including all healthy and nurturing aspects of your life. Contract with yourself and others to stay accountable and on the path of recovery. Lastly, and very importantly, give back to your loved ones and community. What you give out comes back!