Roadmap to Recovery


Discover YOUR unique path out of addiction


The Roadmap to Recovery is an 8-level online course that teaches you about the physical, mental, and social factors that cause addictive behavior, and helps you develop a comprehensive, holistic, and personalized recovery strategy that maps out your recovery process. This in-depth course takes the stigma out of addiction, and sees the recovery process as a unique opportunity for you to transform your life for the better, cutting off addictive behavior at the roots. We designed this course to be useful for everyone, whether you are in pre-abstinence, early recovery, late recovery, or just wanting to learn more about the addiction-recovery process.

Each level of the Roadmap to Recovery involves a 1-hour presentation with audio and slides, along with written material and exercises. At the end of the course, you will create your very own “Roadmap” that is filled out by you and prepares you for every aspect of the recovery process. This personalized Roadmap is yours to use and to modify over time as your needs and goals evolve, and as you discover what your success formula looks like. We created this course to give people the most powerful tool we could imagine: a comprehensive education about addiction and a personalized cheat-sheet for navigating the ups and downs in the recovery process.


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