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To honor a person and their unique journey through addiction, and to open an opportunity in recovery to transform oneself to new heights, we bring to you the Roadmap to Recovery starter course. The Roadmap to Recovery course can be utilized as a standalone program or paired with any kind of addiction treatment or recovery program.

Your Roadmap to Recovery is designed to give you a holistic understanding of transformational recovery, while enabling you to carve out your own unique recovery strategy. Your Roadmap to Recovery protects the integrity of your “right,” “duty,” and “need” to navigate your way out of addiction on your terms. The fastest, surest and most rewarding pathway out of addiction is the one you choose from your heart.

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The Solution to Addiction is Inside You

A common characteristic associated with addiction is defensiveness. Defensiveness carries a negative connotation, which makes sense. If your life is falling apart because of your addiction, and you raise your defenses in the face of support, it comes across as being not interested in changing. But what is happening inside the individual, and what seems to be happening, are often two different things.

Defensiveness is protectiveness. So what is the person protecting? From the outside it looks like the person is protecting their right to be addicted (or right to use addictive substances/ behaviors) with the assumption that they don’t want to or are unwilling to change. From the inside, the person wants things to change. They want their pain to go away and to be able to manage their life without the addictive behavior.

But to them, the addiction is not the problem per se; it’s the solution. At least in the interim, the addiction comes with more benefit than not having it. They fear life without addiction more than the consequences that have presented themselves. So what they are protecting is their method of relief, their ability to feel normal and be able to function, and in earlier stages of addiction, their euphoric feeling, their increased performance, and the purpose and meaning it gives them.

Through our transformational recovery work, we’ve discovered, there is a deeper part of this tendency to self-protect. Not only is a person protecting their right and need for certain securities, they are protecting their right to fulfill their addiction mission. Addiction takes a person on adventure and self-exploration with many lessons to learn, problems to solve, karma to dissolve, and truths to discover.

The greatest gift from addiction comes in its defeat, in the challenges one must endure, and the triumph returning to the true self. There is a part of every human being that knows there is no external solution, and that the situations we find ourselves in came about for a higher purpose. We’ve heard the sayings our whole lives, “What you put out you get back.” “What you think about you bring about.” “You reap what you sow.” The way out of addiction cannot happen outside of us. There is a lesson to being in the places we find ourselves. And there is gift to finding our own way through things.


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