Recovery Coach Certification Training Program

Are you inspired to be of service in the rapidly growing field of addiction recovery and psycho-spiritual integration? Become a Certified Recovery Coach through Being True to You with our 3-part online training program. The training includes online classes, coursework, interactive group discussions, peer mentoring, hands-on training opportunities, and coaching materials.

Our coach certification program is entirely virtual, with meetings held twice a week via video conference. Each class consists of a recorded lecture followed by open discussion. You can participate via phone, mobile app, or desktop computer. In addition to the live classes and discussions, you will have access to all of the recorded lectures if you want to review material again or are unable to attend a class.

Primarily an addiction recovery coach training, this certification program has a secondary emphasis in psycho-spiritual coaching, also referred to as integrative (entheogenic) coaching. Coaching is a non-medical holistic wellness profession that guides people through recovery and transformational experiences. Coaching helps people to best utilize their inner and outer skills, strengths, and resources, while encouraging people to hone their intuition, decision making skills, and sense of personal agency.

BTTY coaching is about accepting people as they are, seeing them as more than they show up to be in any given moment, proving non-judgmental compassionate support, unbiased neutral guidance, steady accountability, and a full spectrum of personalized education and training. This allows people to come to their own understanding of their place in life, and grow without being confined to only one way of seeing things.

BTTY coaching does not treat addiction or other mental or physical disorders or illnesses, or coerce people down any particular path, other than their own inner way. Coaching is not medical or a licensed profession; coaching is not psychotherapy or therapy. Coaching does not provide professional evaluations or treatment plans; nor diagnose its clients. BTTY coaching does not recommend, suggest, advocate, facilitate or make referrals to entheogenic medicines.

BTTY coaching services consist of interactive conversations with clients and their families either individually or in groups, most often by phone, text, email and video conferencing. Coaching might include: goal setting, performance tracking, character building, skills trainings, and self-discovery and self-growth exercises. BTTY coaching does not include healing or bodywork, medicine work, or speciality work such as psychic readings. Coaching could tie into breathwork, guided meditation, guided visualization, and other mind-body-spiritual approaches that are unregulated and not professionally licensed, if it is appropriate for the client and under the scope of the coach’s expertise. Coaches do not “heal” clients; coaches “guide” clients through their transformational process so that they can heal themselves.

Our Core Curriculum is a 3-Part Program

  1. Supporters Guide: Comprehensive Overview of Addiction, Recovery, & Our Continuum of Care Model
  2. Coaches Guide: Complete Training on Addiction Recovery Coaching, Our Recovery Model, & Family Recovery
  3. Specialists Guide: Advanced Training on Psycho-Spiritual & Integrative Coaching, & Our Restorative Model


  1. Addiction
  2. Recovery
  3. Preparation
  4. Integration
  5. Support Roles

Coaches Guide

  1. Addiction Autobiography
  2. Recovery Coaching
  3. Transforming Addiction
  4. Recovery Model
  5. Coaching Relationship
  6. Coaches Role
  7. Coaches Skills
  8. Coaches Ethics
  9. Family Coaching
  10. Long-Term Recovery

Specialists Guide

  1. States of Suffering
  2. Transforming Suffering
  3. Catalyzing Consciousness
  4. Entheogenic Medicines
  5. Entheogenic Preparation
  6. Entheogenic Navigation
  7. Entheogenic Integration
  8. Spiral of Transformation
  9. Working the Spiral
  10. Spiraling Upward


Eric Majeski:

BTTY’s coaching material is such a breath of fresh air, the program is fresh, full, and comprehensive. It was clear from week 1 that Deanne is a leading visionary in a field that is so ready for a new and more humane paradigm. Deanne and BTTY have encouraged me to initiate and expand my own theories of recovery, which is much easier now having such a strong foundation of knowledge and historical perspective. I’ve learned several new techniques in how to communicate and relate to those battling with addiction, those struggling with chaos, and those limited by their own beliefs. Thank you BTTY!

Sherree Godasi:

As a student coming to learn of psychedelic integration, BTTY’s coach training was hands down the most comprehensive source for breadth and depth of field knowledge, written materials and stimulating discussion. Writing my Master’s thesis on psychedelic integration, the course has provided me with a rich basis and the confidence to approach the topic as an expert-in-training, and has been pivotal in my career as a psychedelic integration coach. Deanne is one of the few individuals who can demonstrate years of experience working hands-on with clients who are integrating altered states, and shares from her well of wisdom generously. It was a professionally and soulfully expanding experience that I would highly recommend to everyone.