Sherree Godasi believes every one of us contains a uniquely-coded seed of genius that with the right care will blossom into a radiant, happy and fulfilled humanBeing. Originally from Israel, her upbringing in a multi-cultural home has provided her with an appreciation for the diversity of humanity and the special gifts we each bring to the world. Her mission is to provide a judgement-free, loving and accepting emotional space where the client will find safety and motivation to shed the heavy burdens of the past, reveal their perfect inner child and thrive on their magnificent gifts.

Aka “The Psychedelic Integration Coach”, Sherree holds a Master’s degree in psychology specializing in Psychedelic Integration Therapy with a focus on spiritual/depth theories, and is a certified Spiritual Emergence/y coach. She is the co-founder of InnerSpace Integration, a pioneering community-centered counseling organization offering integration services in Los Angeles. As a practitioner of mindfulness, in sessions she is highly intuitive and creative, utilizing years of experience in various healing modalities such as meditation, music, art and breath work. She recognizes challenges as catalysts for personal growth towards radical greatness. Striving to balance between the psychological, physical and spiritual, Sherree works with clients to articulate, create and master their own vision of a healthy, joyful and fulfilling life. “We will laugh, we will cry, and in the end – it will all be worth it”.