Prema’s curiosity about human nature and spirit lead her to train as a Being True to You Recovery Coach. Breathwork, Dynamic meditations and Mindfulness practices are some of the techniques she uses to help others define and navigate those next steps to realize their inner potential and reconnect with themselves.

For over a decade Prema has used plant medicine in her own journey of self discovery. She understands, first hand, that sacred plant medicine has the potent capacity to accelerate ones own growth and heal mind, body & spirit.

An Entrepreneur at heart she is the founder of a women’s small business owners group called Nurture & Nudge. A peer based women’s group that helps members identify and achieve their business and personal goals.

Some of her favorite teachings and practices are from Osho, Adyashanti and Eckart Tolle. Her life experience includes working in the travel and retreat industry, raising her son in an expat community, designing jewelry & textiles with Mayan women in Guatemala, and organizing events for holistic practitioners and teachers.

She currently lives a on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala with her husband of 14 years at Atitlan Arte Vista.