Eric has years of experience with a wide variety of entheogens and has learned from highly skilled facilitators from many countries. In 2015 he decided to leave his job to explore the healing potential of plant medicines. His journey began with a transformative trip to Peru with the intentions of curing a challenging food allergy and finding a more satisfying career. Prior to that trip he had been mostly focused on his physical health, but following those months in Peru he began to significantly improve on the emotional and spiritual levels. Today Eric continues to work with entheogens and has now transitioned to a career in the Healing Arts. He is very grateful for the opportunity to support people through their transformation.

In 2013 Eric earned a coaching certificate in Ayurveda, which is the millennia old system of traditional medicine from India. Ayurveda can provide a solid foundation upon which a person can build their new life. His knowledge of this system of medicine can help you create a diet and daily routine that is best for you. Eric enjoys cooking healthy meals and uses as many local, organic, and whole food ingredients as possible. He spends much time hiking and camping in the wilderness and considers it a necessary factor in maintaining peace and happiness.

Eric also earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science from Oregon State University, and served four years in the US Navy while stationed in Italy. His personality is calm, grounded, and balanced. He is authentic and strives to demonstrate the highest integrity. Eric’s other interests include float tanks, Kambo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, writing for his blog, listening to live music, and international travel.