Ivo, Peruvian Media communicator, writer, philosopher, and a Certified BTTY Coach stepped away from his previous life in the advertisement world in order to go through a self-discovery journey. His experiences and knowledge gained since then have given him a unique view on what stops people from becoming whole and at peace with themselves. Now he works with clients as a coach to help them achieve a happier, more meaningful life. His relationship with entheogens have also made him understand the importance and necessity of preparation and integration. Through a mix of multidisciplines, personal experiences and self-taught practices, Ivo helps people bring to light the core of the experience, to understand it, and to translate it in an integral way.

Having researched different philosophies, practices, belief systems, and spiritual approaches, he has seen that all traditions and paths have some truth and wisdom in them, and that at the same time, none have a final answer, that all answers await inside of each person, that we are our best guide and teacher. The only way out is through oneself, and in this enterprise the role of the coach is one of support, understanding and un-judgmental companionship, providing new and different perspectives to help the inner process come to a resolution.