Coach Lana ShayLana brings more than a decade of life & career experience to her role as a recovery coach. Her mission is to bring not only compassion and empathy to her coaching practice, but to facilitate the re-discovery of our innate truth as humans: that we are infinite, eternal and whole! Her expertise in numerous alternative healing disciplines, and experiences through challenging life circumstances allow her to see the broader scope of recovery. She herself, is familiar with the struggle of addiction and believes it to be just another experience in the expansive school of life. She was compelled to understand and learn a successful path to recovery after losing her closest family member to an overdose.

Lana graduated from the BAC program at CIIS in 2017. She fuses her role as a teacher and her training in dance, massage, Reiki, yoga, meditation and nutrition into her mission as a “Sensual Foodist.” Her greatest love is teaching about the healing power of food, and how the body ultimately can heal itself with intention and proper fuel. She strongly believes that there is no greater education than experience and the gift of life-long results.

She has been featured on ABC News, Business Insider, MSN, The Huffington Post, The Epoch Times and New York Daily News for her display of human endurance through performance art-which she attributes to a positive mindset and a dedication to spiritual practices.