Since a young woman, friends and colleagues have sought out Pam to talk about issues in their lives, as did her son’s friends when they were teenagers and young adults. Because of this and because of her own growth through psychotherapy, Pam received her Masters in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University, Los Angeles in 1992 and was licensed in California as a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) in 1996. She worked in a high school setting as a Personal Counselor for 15 years where she developed a drop in center for the students. As part of her responsibilities she orchestrated extensive drug and alcohol awareness programs. She also had a successful private practice until she left California to move to a remote part of Eastern Washington in order to be closer to nature and live a simpler life, surrounded by beauty.

She has studied Reiki to the Advanced Practitioner’s level and is interested in various spiritual and self improvement practices. She believes in the importance of overall health and balance, physically, emotionally and spiritually. She sees each person as whole and has great empathy for life’s struggles.

She understands first hand the pain that addiction can bring to a family through her son’s journey and has deep compassion for the struggles of drug, alcohol and food addictions. Members of her family of origin struggled with drugs and alcohol as well as an addictive reaction of rage. She has a first hand knowledge of the inner addictive process through her own struggles with food addictions. It was her son’s suggestion that she become certified as an Addiction Recovery Coach with Being True To You because of his positive experience with Ibogaine and coaching. Pam has appreciated this opportunity to broaden and deepen her own self through these studies and to help others on their journey of recovery. She is encouraged and enthusiastic about Being True To You’s emphasis on our higher self and by their whole-person/spirit approach. She feels it is a privileged to be a part of BTTY.