Kristin Gorenflo is a compassionate and Mindful Coach, Therapist and Addictions Specialist. She works with individuals and groups for mindful and whole spirit healing.

Kristin guides her clients to empower themselves on their journey of transformation. Kristin has a wide array of modalities in her toolbox to work with and to choose to help fit the best method that will create encouraged growth. Kristin has a compassionate and mindful nature that makes her one-on-one coaching sessions filled with unconditional encouragement. She is grateful to her mentors who supported her, and her hope is to give the wisdom she was given to others seeking a path of healing.

Kristin received her Masters in Psychology and finished her doctorate studies- with an emphasis on Trauma, Addiction and Spirituality. She has completed her education and is a certified Addictions Counselor. Kristin is a student in a Zen-Buddhist and has been part of a Buddhist community for the last 12 years, and she has extensive training in meditation and contemplative practices.