Wesley Thoricata is a writer, artist, permaculture designer, and former nonprofit director who brings a lifetime of spiritual practice and unique hands-on experiences to his coaching work. As someone who has personally dealt with technology and substance addictions, Wesley understands both the addictive mindset and the incredible power of redirecting addictions into constructive and fulfilling passions.

In 2011, Wesley left a successful career in the video game industry to create visionary art and co-found an ecovillage and nonprofit based on spirituality, sustainability, creative arts, and healing modalities. For years, Wesley lead weekly meditation circles, taught permaculture workshops, apprenticed with indigenous elders, and started the world’s first flow arts and permaculture festival. Through many years of this work, Wesley saw the good, the bad, and the ugly of the contemporary “conscious” and “New Age” movements, and has gained a hard-won understanding of the difference between true self-realization and spiritual bypass. This diverse array of direct experience in the worlds of gaming, art, spirituality, corporations, communal living, festivals, and indigenous philosophy is what Wesley considers to be his greatest asset.

Wesley has also been a writer for the online magazine PsychedelicTimes.com for over two years where he regularly interviews the top minds in the remerging field of psychedelic therapy for addiction, trauma, and psychospiritual growth. Some of his other areas of expertise and interest include nonviolent communication, personal mythology, flow states, creative self care, and the value of connecting with nature.