Damon Dickinson is a heart centered Certified Professional Recovery & Life Coach with nearly 30 years of direct experience of recovery from drugs and alcohol. He nearly died at the age of 17 from his addictions, so he knows what a challenge it can be to find and keep recovery. He learned early in life that nothing on the outside would satisfy him for long, and yet one fleeting experience of Unconditional Love from the Source of All Love was enough to turn his whole motivation for living in a new direction.

He devoted himself to spiritual exploration and alternative healings arts to heal his addictions and create a life worth living. He studied and practiced everything from the 12 steps to Zen. He attended every personal growth and leadership program he could find and ultimately found a simple path of the heart. Along the way he has developed many of his gifts and talents as a student, teacher, artist and coach.

He spent the past 29 years in 12 step recovery and yet always yearned for a bigger box to play
in. He has explored many forms of sacred ceremony including meditation, breathwork, Yoga,
Native American Traditions (including plant medicines), and honors the power of Mother Nature to help one expand beyond the conditioned mind, realize the bigger picture of existence and re­integrate into the True Self.

He found his calling when he had the honor of working for Success Tracs as a Success coach for several years, but he knew there was a more fitting niche for him in serving the world as a recovery coach. Recovery and psycho-­spiritual coaching allows him to share all of his very best tools and realizations from his life and help others discover their own True Self and purpose in life. Nothing in this world brings him more fulfillment and joy than serving another to find their way out of the abyss and back into Heaven on Earth and beyond!