Eric Majeski left a successful but stress-filled career in the financial world to become a partner in a personal growth/spiritual bookstore. Through a period of deep personal chaos, he experienced a spiritual awakening. During his recovery, he was initiated into service and ritual by a Native American elder named Singing Man, an addictions counselor, and studied with him for 8 years. A comprehensive study of the healing arts led him to become a licensed bodyworker. He then began the journey to become a ‘man who sings.’ In becoming a professional musician, and recording his first album, a lifelong call he finally answered.

Through his personal coaching practice named Inner Genius, and through BTTY recovery coaching, he combine his broad range of life and professional experiences into coaching others to find their way. Eric knows we all have a creative fire, or personal genius. Through his experiences, he’s found that the best medicine for recovery is to discover this true genius, and learn how to practice and express it into the world. Eric combined his vast life experiences and business mind, with the powers of radical empathy and clairvoyant vision, to offer focused attention to and hold sacred space for the client. It is his deep honor to be able to serve others in this way.