Deva Nirguna: The journey of recovery is a great opportunity to grow, and from the awareness gained after 40 years of deep spiritual practice and extensive entheogen experience, I can say with confidence that the BTTY recovery coaching approach is so right on and I am excited to help in this self discovery path.

The problems of addiction may be complicated and need clearing but the solutions of becoming aware and present are simple and clear. I will help you hold that space so that your journey of healing and self discovery can be effective. I have a deeply intuitive nature and an extensive skill set that can help you as each situation along the recovery road arises.

Personally, I have been on a journey of self discovery and creativity following a near death experience at 20.

Born in the UK, I lived in London in the sixties gaining a professional degree as an architect at UCL.
I spent most of the seventies in India with Osho exploring the teachings of the masters and planting the deep seeds of self discovery and wakefulness. I was the astrologer shaman for the Margot Anand as she developed Sky Dancing Tantra, teaching thousands of people about the dissolving blocks and discovering the energy pathways in the body. I have co-led vision quests with native american sundancers. In the early nineties I assisted in exploratory medicine journey work with Ralph Metzner. I am also a certified massage therapist. I bring to the table many levels of expertise such as breathwork, sound healing, singing, kundalini and chakra work, guided meditations, heart wisdom methods, life skills training, art therapy, cooking and nutrition.

As a father I have family and personal experience with addiction.

I am always “in studio ” practising architecture art and music. I am the architect and director of a creative retreat centre at Lake Atitlan in the heartland of the Maya in Guatemala, Atitlan Arte Vista, where you can also spend time with me one on one.

Those seeds planted so long ago have sprouted and flowered into a creative life that is embodied in the title of one of my published art books From Art to Zen. I feel so fortunate and grateful to be able to co-create with you. Namaste.