Deanne Adamson, founder of Being True To You, is paving the new era of addiction recovery and psycho-spiritual healing through her Transformational Recovery Model. This model was developed through her work supporting hundreds of families through ibogaine, observing the natural recovery process, and listening to what people need. Deanne trains and certifies transformational recovery coaches to join the Being True To You network and work one-on-one with people in need, allowing for a perfect match for everyone. Deanne mentors the coaches year-round, and the coach-client relationship for individuals and families. Deanne creates transformational courses and products to support the transformational process for clients, and shows the importance of having a personalized strategy, with meaning and purpose, holistic healing elements, and ongoing skills training and personal development.

Deanne has a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling, and an academic background relating mostly to spiritual psychology. Deanne started with psychotherapy and then transitioned pretty quickly to recovery coaching. The strategies of coaching came in higher resonance with her passion to help others. Over the last 10 years Deanne has found her passion, mission, and craft to help people understand and transcend addiction and suffering through personal transformation and natural maturation. Deanne spends her days weaving recovery models into customizable yet scalable systems that can influence the lives of millions. If you or someone you know needs help with addiction or other state of mental suffering, talk to Deanne.