Tyler battled his way through a 10 year opiate addiction before reconnecting with his true self and overcoming his demons. Through his process of transformation, Tyler found solace and reinforcement through surfing, yoga, meditation and alternative spiritual modalities to reconstruct his outlook on life. Through his 10-year struggle with IV heroin use he realized everyone has experienced some type of trauma, everyone has experienced pain in one form or the other, and it’s our own individual context and perspective on the struggle that can allow us to be empowered and use our hardships not as a negative, but as a positive component to move forward and be a powerful influence on ourselves and the people around us.

Tyler has a deep passion in psychology and our individual perspectives on life. He recently graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Tyler has also been working with Crossroads Ibogaine Center for the past year facilitating in preparation and integration through Ibogaine treatment for addiction and PTSD. Tyler is a sound healer, mastering in sound vibration  therapy. Tyler also works with a Native American elder of the Lakota lineage and does deep work in sweat lodge and men’s talking circles. Tyler helps facilitate talking circles for men by providing a safe space where men can feel empowered by being vulnerable and sharing their raw feelings, which is a unique setting in a society where vulnerability and showing emotion is looked at as a weakness for men. Tyler also worked at a nonprofit organization where he helped homeless youth find housing and stable work. He was a mentor for particular youth in the program and worked individually and intimately with these youths to help them overcome their family and relationship issues, drug abuse/addiction issues, and help establish a sense of purpose and connection with the greater good of all humankind.