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ibogaine addiction treatment

The best way to approach your ibogaine addiction treatment is to prepare yourself well in advance. A journey with ibogaine is, for many people, a once-in-a-lifetime experience, an opportunity to transform everything in life that is holding you back into something great. Knowing how to incorporate this powerful substance into your journey of recovery is not likely to come natural to you. In fact, the Westernized, materialized mentality about healing and medication can actually inhibit your experience. Ibogaine is not a magic medication that will take your addiction away without any work on your part, but it can be a powerful tool to break an addictive cycle when used appropriately and paired with preparation and integration support.

Ibogaine is a derivative of a West African shrub called Tabernanthe iboga. It is referred to as an “addiction interrupter” due to its unique ability to eliminate or greatly lessen drug withdrawal symptoms and cravings, particularly for opiate addictions. In addition to its disruption of the addictive brain chemistry, its psychoactive properties also provide a deep and intense psychospiritual journey that can help you face the root causes of addiction and the causal factors in your life that have brought you to where you are today. Together, these properties of ibogaine create an immensely valuable window of opportunity for people looking to move beyond their addictions once and for all.

How We Can Help

Being True To You helps people prepare for an ibogaine experience on many different levels. We teach people how to navigate the inner realms of the ibogaine journey with different tools, skills, and strategies so that you can feel less overwhelmed and get the most out of the experience. Preparation includes getting into the right mindset, strengthening your body, communicating honestly in your relationships, making positive changes in your lifestyle and environments, and setting the stage for your aftercare and ongoing integration of the experience.

There is another window of opportunity in the immediate days following ibogaine addiction treatment and up to 12 weeks after. Your truth will shine brighter than the mental fogginess you formerly carried, and your ability to control yourself overrides your normal impulsivity. This is your chance to break free from your old addictive ways and make a full recovery. What you do with this time sets the trajectory for the next several months and years of your life. The best way to approach ibogaine is to prepare for this window. The time-period following an Ibogaine treatment determines the outcome and how effective this treatment is for you.

A few different scenarios commonly play out when people do not prepare adequately for ibogaine addiction treatment. This window of opportunity can feel so open and clear and like being on a pink cloud that people fail to make important changes, and slide back to their addiction out of complacency. Sometimes unfamiliar feelings or suppressed pain can surface, and without someone to process these feelings with, people can run straight back to their addictions. Or, after having experienced an awakening, a person can feel lost between their old life and new, not knowing how to ground themselves, and so they return to their old comfort zone, losing the essence and wisdom that has been imparted unto them.

At Being True To You, we’ve witnessed thousands of people go through these experiences, and we can tell you that preparation is key to maximizing success with ibogaine addiction treatment. The more mental layers you break through, the more emotions you face, the more toxicity you get out of your body, the greater the opportunity for healing. This intense and unique work is not easy, intuitive, or straightforward. Having a coach to guide your preparation and integration will allow you to succeed at the goals you have for your treatment, so you do not waste this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for lasting transformation.

If you would like preparation and integration support for an ibogaine experience, contact us today to set up a discovery session and be paired with one of our certified coaches.